Unearthing The Truth About Palm Oil (Part I)

‘Unhealthy’, and ‘Inedible’ is how palm oil has been described in mainstream media for years. This may not be said or written in literal terms but pieces of evidence and articles all depict this. The idea that palm oil is unhealthy is misinformation shared for a very long time which is deeply rooted in whiteContinue reading “Unearthing The Truth About Palm Oil (Part I)”

5 must add fruits and nuts to your menu this Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time to reflect on the times of the Prophet Muhammad and also a time to observe the Ramadan fast. Fasting is peculiar to the month just as gifting others and extending love, support and affection to everyone. During fast, the Muslim faithful eat only at Sahur and Iftar. The former is doneContinue reading “5 must add fruits and nuts to your menu this Ramadan.”


The use of vital ingredients in making food has kept our kitchens alive the use of a certain ratio of pepper and tomatoes in making stew has made homemade stew what it has always been. The use of a rich stew base has made Jollof rice remain what we’ve foremost known.

Rice, a conglomerate, a binding and unifying food top 6 rice dishes you should try this #NationalRiceWeek

The picture above perfectly exemplifies the relationship between Nigerians and Rice dishes. An average Nigerian eats a rice dish at least 3 times a week. Nigeria currently tops the statistics as the highest consumer of rice in Africa. This article is aimed at highlighting the rice dishes Nigerians love in commemoration of National Rice Week.

The place of food writers, critics, and an oppressor.

It becomes outrightly condescending when objectifying and using rather unwarranted adjectives to describe food. It could be problematic and could be considered oppressive by those who originally own the food.

World Jollof Rice Day | Rules guiding you as a consumer of Jollof Rice.

Queen Jollof Rice is celebrated every 22nd of August the broadcast is sent to both length and breadth of the world. However, even though, this meal is eaten to nourish body and soul it’s like the eaters for over the years tend to not appreciate and respect the power vested in Jollof.

Onion : A tool used to disrupt, instead to create wealth, foster peace and change.

onion doesn’t serve its primary purpose anymore which is cooking. Instead, it is used as a tool to cause disruption in the sense of confusion and disorderliness where a group can decide to shut down its supply because of ethno-religious crises.
When and how did things turn this way?


By: ÌyanuOlúwa Fágbiyè T. (TemitopeDancer) & ÌyanuOlúwa Komolafe (BossLady Cookist) In the late 90s and early 20s, the green sauce what many call Nigerian designer stew became a household name and dish. Ayamase sauce, known by many, within and outside the shores of the country, Nigeria. The origin can be traced to a town calledContinue reading “THE AYAMASE SAUCE: HOW THE SAUCE CAME TO BEING.”


Traditionally, beans signifies so many things to different people to some it is a food for twins (Èjìré ará ìsokùn as the Yoruba’s in South West Nigeria say), it is one of the meals prepared regularly by families who have twins it is a ritual where beans is cooked, other food items used are: Àádùn (a savory snack of Yoruba origin made from roasted corn flour, palm oil and spices), Sugarcane, etc.
In some cases, it signifies purity or holiness — beans is held in high esteem and will often come up in menu during the ecclesiastical period preceding Easter, known as the Holy Week