The Jollof Rice Conversation with Bosslady Cookist.

This conversation was born out of a desire to educate people on Jollof rice and a discussion I had with a friend a few days back. I’d be taking us on a journey through the history, origin recipe, myths and facts of this epic dish, come with me.😊

MCZ Exclusive Interview with Chef Giggles, founder Giggles Culinary Place.

Rukayat Momoh, (aka. Chef Giggles) founder of Giggles Culinary Place spoke with MyCookery Zone on an exclusive interview. In the interview, she spoke on her journey from being a Cheftestant on #KnorrTasteQuest reality show, How her gender as a (female) becomes a factor to consider by clients when she’s trying to simply offer value like every other chef. She spoke on her achievements so far, future projects and many more.


Red Dish Foundation announces winners of the 2020 scholarship programme

Reddish Foundation owned by Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School is set to alleviate aspiring chefs in Nigeria on a scholarship programme.