#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 5 | DIET ETIQUETTE

Tip Thursday brings to mind this week, tips on choosing the right foods and drinks in the evening, tips on how to protect your gums, observing the signs of dehydration, seeking professional help when dieting and knowing when to stop eating. All these tips and diet etiquette can be seen under five subheadings.

#TipThursdayOnMCZ ¦ Seven tips to host your Christmas party in a pandemic / post-covid.

The corona virus brought about the new normal which calls for special attention being paid to personal hygiene etc. On Tip Thursday and the Feature article this week we look at seven ways to host a Christmas party in a pandemic or post-covid.

#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 4 | Choose your milk

Many came to terms with their bodies being lactose intolerant at a very early age. I can say quite a lot of us have discovered this and we go for alternative sources (i.e plant) to majorly obtain milk. Dairy products are usually rich in protein, vitamins and minerals after reading this you should know theContinue reading “#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 4 | Choose your milk”

#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 2 | Sugar consumption

This week on Tip Thursday, in five subheadings we delve into the consumption of sugar. In different narratives we talked about lowering the consumption, using alternatives instead of the regular also, looking out for sugar calories in products and opting for lesser. PS: Sugar intake is important but, should be taken in moderation.