#MCZLiveSeries : Do African ingredients allow creativity? with Ozoz Sokoh and Freda Muyambo.

In February in commemoration of Black History Month, My Cookery Zone Live Series held a discussion titled “Do African ingredients allow creativity?”.

Reports from #MCZIGLIVESERIES / #MCZLIVESERIES for the month of April, 2021.

Tomi Majanuola joined ÌyanuOlúwa Fágbiyè to discuss if veganism is really an African thing while, Adeola Adeleye joined Daniel Ochuko to discuss the spike in cholesterol level and ways it can be managed.

Bukie Akinmade, Joel Adu and Mirabella Henry speak on Content Creation in 2021.

We opened our discuss on #MCZIGLIVESERIES this year with the theme Food Content Creation in 2021. This is in relation to food blogging / food photography & styling / food critiquing and fine dining.