#MCZCuisine | Premium egg sauce by The Kitchen Muse

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It is usually a great start to the day whenever breakfast is used to start.On MCZ Cuisine for this week we’re featuring an egg sauce by The Kitchen Muse, Bukie Akinmade.

#MCZCuisine | Fafa Gilbert’s Pineapple juice and tea recipe.

Pineapple lovers now have a new recipe to add to their repertoire of recipes as Fafa Gilbert of Ndudu by Fafa created with pineapple a concentrate from scratch together with other parts of the fruit and other ingredients that were used in making the pineapple juice and tea.

#MCZCuisine | Sweet Adjeley’s Salmon nuggets recipe.

Salmon are one of the several species of fish found in the world today. It is a pale pinkish-orange type of fish. Using Salmon, Sweet Adjeley, shared an inspiring nugget recipe where she showed a simple way to fillet and marinate the nuggets.

#MCZCuisine | The Kitchen Muse’s Spicy Cow foot recipe (Nkwobi).

Nkwobi is a Nigerian delicacy eaten and served in a wooden bowl. As Bukie, rightly said, “it is tender pieces of cooked cow leg that is mixed with different condiments to give a really tender and delicious snack.” It is oftentimes enjoyed over a drink.