Unearthing The Truth About Palm Oil (Part I)

‘Unhealthy’, and ‘Inedible’ is how palm oil has been described in mainstream media for years. This may not be said or written in literal terms but pieces of evidence and articles all depict this. The idea that palm oil is unhealthy is misinformation shared for a very long time which is deeply rooted in whiteContinue reading “Unearthing The Truth About Palm Oil (Part I)”

The Essential Bread Cookbook: from Beard to Bread by James Beard is #MCZBookClub May cookbook pick!

The Essential Bread Cookbook is a book on everything bread. The cookbook was authored by James Beard who has also authored other cookbooks like The James Beard Cookbook, Menus for Entertaining, Cook It Outdoors, How to Eat Better for Less Money (with Sam Aaron), etc.

5 must add fruits and nuts to your menu this Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time to reflect on the times of the Prophet Muhammad and also a time to observe the Ramadan fast. Fasting is peculiar to the month just as gifting others and extending love, support and affection to everyone. During fast, the Muslim faithful eat only at Sahur and Iftar. The former is doneContinue reading “5 must add fruits and nuts to your menu this Ramadan.”

The Cooking Gene by Michael W. Twitty is the #MCZBookClub April cookbook pick!

Cooking Gene a Journey Through African American Culinary History is a non-fiction food memoir cookbook written by culinary historian, Michael W. Twitty.Afroculinaria creator published this book in 2017 with hopes of telling the African American story through his lens and experience.


The use of vital ingredients in making food has kept our kitchens alive the use of a certain ratio of pepper and tomatoes in making stew has made homemade stew what it has always been. The use of a rich stew base has made Jollof rice remain what we’ve foremost known.

#MCZBookClub | Longthroat Memoir Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds by Yemisí Aríbisálà

FEBRUARY — Longthroat Memoir Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds by Yemisí Aríbisálà is #MCZBookClub February cookbook pick! WHO CAN READ / USE THIS COOKBOOK?

5 ways to use peanut butter.

One beauty that lies in the consumption of peanut butter that many can relate to is smearing it on bread as a substitute for regular butter. Jam, Mayonnaise, and Chocolate Nutella later came into the picture as people started seeing the need to have more substitutes.