PINEAPPLE JUICE. By: MyCookery Zone Pineapple is a fruit that contains various essential body nutrient and helps in bones fractures.It is used to make fruit juice,made as pudding,added as pizza toppings etc. Recipe for(2-3servings). Ingredients-:2 medium sized pineapple,1 cup of water,2 TBSP of sugar,ice cubes. Steps involved:Cut the crown of the pineapples away and sliceContinue reading “MCZ: PINEAPPLE JUICE.”


MCZ Food Media- GEENA the amazing chef stunned her fans with her new recipe.

The amazing chef and the owner of foodies and spice GEENA, stunned her fans with the special noodles recipe also called ‘Mama Gold Special Noodles Recipe’ A recipe she put together when she was heavily pregnant with her twins. According to her and I quote “so i was asked to prepare some special noodles recipeContinue reading “MCZ Food Media- GEENA the amazing chef stunned her fans with her new recipe.”

MCZ: Ofe Owerri

Ofe Owerri: Is a highiy nutritious vegetable soup. Ingredients: beef,cow skin,smoked fish,stock fish,snail,ukazi and ugu leaves(shredded),dry pepper ,onion,cocoyam (red specie),palm oil,seasoning,salt and water. Steps Involved: wash the beef,place in a pot,season with salt,seasoning and onions let it cook till its tender. Prepare the cow skin by washing thoroughly with sponge to get rid of theContinue reading “MCZ: Ofe Owerri”

MCZ: Jollof Rice.

JOLLOF RICE. Jollof rice is another way of preparing rice. Whereby tomatoes,meat\chicken,veggies & other condiments are added to spice up the dish. It originated from the Wolof people of Senegal & Gambia. Ingredients:rice,meat\chicken,freshtomatoes,onion,tomatoe puree&freshground pepper&tomatoe,garlic&ginger,veg. oil,seasoning,salt,thyme&curry. Steps Involved: Prepare the meat\chicken.cut into moderate sizes,wash and boil along with sliced onions,salt,ginger&garlic,seasoning. When done keep the stock&fryContinue reading “MCZ: Jollof Rice.”

MCZ: Fish Cakes.

Fish Cakes. It’s a rechauffe meaning re-heated food. Ingredients: 500g cooked fish (without bones), 200g mashed yam or cassava, salt and pepper to taste, 1 tablespoon margarine, parsley, 1 egg for binding,bread crumbs for coating and oil for frying. Steps Involved: Remove skin, de-bone and flake the fish. Add the mashed yam, potatoe/cassava and seasonings.Continue reading “MCZ: Fish Cakes.”

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day! (Nov. 15th) What is a refrigerator? A refrigerator is a cabinet or room in which food is stored. The refrigerator houses both raw and cooked foods as well as drinks and condiments. Micro-organisms are everywhere especially where water or moisture can be found. Don’t be surprised that micro-organisms can beContinue reading “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!”