5 African men changing the narrative on YouTube through food.

Cooking has evolved, and African men are changing the online and offline narrative. The internet has seen a massive influx of men who run food blogs through pictures and cooking videos.

#MCZPodcast SE02EP10 | Food and Funeral.

What’s your perception of burial food? Is food essential in a burial ceremony? How is food of importance on such an occasion? The final episode for the season sheds more light on the symbolism of food at a burial ceremony.

“you claim you don’t want a breakup affair but you keep stirring me when you cook with me.” _ message from the fish.

In the latest message received on the category Thinking Food 24/7 the fish speaks to us clarifies certain things and gives tips as well.

FG aims to implement biotechnology in food production in Nigeria.

The need for farmers’ in Nigeria to deploy biotechnology in food production to boost agricultural yields, and to promote food security was disclosed at the one-day sensitisation workshop which held in the nations capital, Abuja.

MCZ Exclusive Interview with “the master craft mixologist” Victor ‘VIKTOUR’ Obanya.

The World Class Nigeria 2022 competition has put a face to this year’s bartending competition. A competition specially crafted for bartenders/mixologists in the country. The beverage industry is another soaring sector in the hospitality industry with creative minds and well-to-do sommeliers who continuously put the industry on the right side.


#MCZPodcast SE02 EP07 | the fashionable ways of cooking.

How has the invention of fire helped or has been detrimental to humans? This week on the podcast it’s all about the fashionable ways of cooking it’s an episode that features Creative Director Black Garlic, Clara Bwali from Zambia, Southern Africa.