5 African men changing the narrative on YouTube through food.

Cooking has evolved, and African men are changing the online and offline narrative. The internet has seen a massive influx of men who run food blogs through pictures and cooking videos.

In this special feature, My Cookery Zone Platform is highlighting 5 male food YouTubers who are changing the narrative on YouTube by sharing food and lifestyle content.

Daniel Ochuko

Daniel Ochuko is a Port Harcourt-based food content creator. Port-Harcourt is Rivers state capital located in the south-southern part of the country Nigeria. You probably would have heard of or come across his food content on TikTok or Instagram but, he as well creates detailed and step-by-step instructional video content on YouTube.

Daniel joined YouTube on June 21, 2016, but started publishing food content on April 15th, 2021 on his channel with currently has over 4,000 subscribers. He was inspired to start food blogging and vlogging because only a few men did. Daniel’s goal is to create easy and share detailed recipes.

Chef Fregz

Fregene Gbubemi whom y’all may know as Chef Fregz is one of Nigeria’s most refined and famous chefs out of Nigeria. He studied culinary arts at le cordon bleu in Paris. Fregene Gbubemi is famous for his brand name Chef Fregz through which he has worked with renowned brands both within and outside the country.

The cooking channel Fregz at home with currently over 4,000 subscribers was launched in 2022 with the first-ever video on January 1st, 2022.
Fregz at home series aims at reaching a wider audience and sharing easy-to-follow and recreate recipes.

Chef Cupid

Michael Nelson professionally known as chef cupid a pastry chef, culinary cinematographer, food photographer, and stylist interested “in the business of making food look and taste good” through his channel with currently over 2,34k subscribers a channel launched on April 17th, 2022.

Chef Cupid is keen on delivering mouthwatering recipes through instructional videos with his creative mind and exceptional skills.

Isaac (Cooking with Sindaco)

Isaac is Ghana’s pride and his channel Cooking with Sindaco (which started on January 6 2020 with currently over 29,8k subscribers) is evidence of his flair for cooking and his love for food.

On the channel, he showcases local and continental dishes. Isaac, however, travels to discover food in Ghana and around the world.

William Wood

Excellence is the trademark of the Wood Kitchen. William Lubinda Wood, on the other hand, is 1/2 of the husband and wife duo culinary extravaganza.

Mr. Wood who hails from Zambia, Southern Africa is a force to reckon with on YouTube with the channel Wood Kitchen with currently over 3,000k subscribers YouTube is a medium the duos use to share their “culinary adventures” through recipes, and cooking tips and tricks.

We can’t thank Lulu enough for the support and the life she gives The Wood Kitchen.

Note: The details in the article are based on information retrieved at the time this is being published.
Images: courtesy of the featured person.


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