#WorldPlantainDay | 5 rules to abide by as a consumer of plantain.

Happy World Plantain Day! It’s important I say this so you don’t take offense as a plantain lover. This might be the umpteenth time  I will be writing about plantain this year anyways who am I to complain it’s all about the love for plantain.

Even as we go about our day, cooking and consuming plantain it is important you abide by these rules as a consumer.

1. Every plantain lover is valid.

As we have countries go at loggerheads to claim the best Jollof so also, we have plantain lovers who think they are more deserving of being called lovers of plantain may be because they eat the ripe-firm or soft-ripe version or whether they like to add salt or prefer not to add salt. Every plantain lover is valid.

2. Plantain is incomparable

We do not compare plantain with other starch produce like yam or sweet potato. We stick to the love for plantain nothing more nothing less just plantain we do not condone the idea of comparison. We don’t even believe in it.

3. Never be caught in a fight over plantain

The love for plantain can overwhelm you and you’ll feel triggered whenever social media users claim plantain is t***h or etc… It is important that you guard your heart at this time because you’re being powered by plantain and the energy needs to be conserved to continue eating plantain.

4. Be professional

Seeing new trends plantain lovers have claimed  Harvard, Oxford, and DodoVersity when they declare their love for plantain. To be professional you have to be a  graduate of Dodoversity not necessarily place it on western ideology but let the real essence of plantain shine through. You have to understand the intricacies that make you go through the Uni. (the cooking/preparation stage) and eventually, be a graduate (the eating stage).

5. Go wild but remain sane

In our individual ways, we tweak recipes and do it our own way. It is important you don’t overdo it even as you try to develop new recipes. If it doesn’t make sense to you, it definitely wouldn’t make sense to other plantain lovers.


Published by Temitopedancer

My name is ÌyanuOlúwa Fágbiyè Tèmítọ́pẹ́ (Pen name: temitopedancer) I am the founder and team lead at My Cookery Zone. I'm an Anthropologist, multimedia Journalist / broadcaster, food blo gger, and food writer.

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