5 must add fruits and nuts to your menu this Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time to reflect on the times of the Prophet Muhammad and also a time to observe the Ramadan fast.

Fasting is peculiar to the month just as gifting others and extending love, support and affection to everyone. During fast, the Muslim faithful eat only at Sahur and Iftar. The former is done before sunrise while the latter is observed at sunset.

At a time like this when fasting and praying are observed religiously one should in the same vein prioritize one’s meal hence I have listed 5 fruits and nuts you might want to incorporate into your menu this Ramadan.


The fruit of the date palm is an exception and you need to add it to your recipe this fasting season studies show that Date contains potassium and fiber. The date is a natural sweeter and can be added to your meals it can also be eaten raw. You might as well want to smell, feel, and cut through into the soft pulp amber-colored fruit before eating.

Almond nut:

Just right before Iftar is served or ready you can consider snacking on some Almond nuts it is a healthy nut that is rich in fiber and magnesium and other vital nutrients.


Two things are synonymous when using coconut the white fleshy edible part can be eaten or further processed into milk. The fleshy edible part can be eaten while the extracted milk can be used for your savoury or sweet dishes when preparing meals during Ramadan.

Tiger nuts:

This is another extremely healthy fruit to consider eating during the Ramadan fast. Tiger nuts will pair well with items mentioned in 1 & 3 for a really healthy drink fortified with vitamins and minerals just to revitalize your bowels after the day’s fast. Tiger nuts are highly revered for their health benefits and nutritive value.


At sunset before Iftar, taking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice will help rejuvenate body fluids. As during fast, many hours of taking the required amount of water for a day is lost one way to revitalize from a state of being inactive is to take not just water but orange juice rich in vitamin C.


I know I said five but since you are here to know more why not add one more. The Grapefruit is another excellent inclusion either you are snacking on this before or after iftar or you are adding this as a topping with coconut shavings on your overnight oat or cereal you are doing absolutely great foodwise.

Eating healthy shouldn’t be limited to when one is observing fast but should be a day-to-day activity. As advice like this is often more emphasized at times like this it is also important that we as a people see the need to make the conscious effort for it to be sustainable.


Published by Temitopedancer

My name is ÌyanuOlúwa Fágbiyè Tèmítọ́pẹ́ (Pen name: temitopedancer) I am the founder and team lead at My Cookery Zone. I'm an Anthropologist, multimedia Journalist / broadcaster, food blo gger, and food writer.

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