“Keep being pressured may it not be too late before you love me and start eating me.” MESSAGE FROM SEMOLINA.

In this week’s edition of thinking food 24/7, we got a message courtesy of Semolina. Semolina vented on the hate and harassment it has continued to get online categorizing the perpetrators into three categories semolina made their intentions known. The message goes thus,

Dear My Cookery Zone,
Calvary greetings to you and those who appreciate me. I am sending you this message to say my side of the story and address the constant shaming and harassment I get from those who do not like me.
I am aware as some people like me some do not like me if you like me keep being you and trust me I dey for you any day anytime you want to fill your precious belly.
Now, to those who hate me and say the unthinkable to me, especially on the bird app there are three things involved and I’ll be making you realize why you have developed a hate for me.
First, you hate me because you simply cannot cook or prepare me. Even after leaving step-by-step instructions on how to prepare me you still failed at following the simple instructions. how is that my problem?
if you’ve been found wanting in this regard it is safe to say you also don’t pay attention in class when your teachers teach even your phone and other gadgets have manual. So, why should I be held responsible for your failure in preparing me how you are ought to?

Second, those who hate me because of peer pressure follow the bandwagons online to insult me saying I have failed you and by that, I do not belong in the top three swallows.
I know for myself that my work overtime and the nourishment I give to people will continue to speak for me in rooms that I’m not. Keep being pressured may it not be too late before you love me and start eating me. By, the way you can compare all you want I remain the King of all swallows it is an innate thing I don’t need to prove to anyone why I deserve the title.

Third, those who haven’t eaten me but hate me. In this category, they hate for no reason. The thing I have observed from the commentary of those in this category is they failed in the regards of researching to
understand what I carry. I, semolina the king of all swallow the one fortified with rich vitamins and minerals. I am incomparable as I stated earlier. Don’t hate do your research about me first then, follow the instructions when making me and enjoy. I am proud to say those who eat me are happy people so to have joy and stop hating me for no reason leave the coven of hatred and join the happiness coven.

I will be writing the honorable house soon for them to make me the only legal swallow on the African continent. It is over for haters when the bill is signed into law.
I look forward to my supporters signing the petition once the link is released. I will also be sharing packs of semolina for the exercise and I promise I will only remember those who have stood by me throughout
these years just so you know the records are online I will also be vetting when the time comes.
I believe you will help pass this message to my fans. I really cannot wait to pepper all the other swallows when the time comes.


Published by My Cookery Zone

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