I know you’ve as well tried various hacks and suggestions on how to use me and not shed a tear. Sorry to disappoint you that may not be happening anytime soon… | A Message from ONIONS.

Thinking about food 24/7 got a message courtesy of onions this week. Onions in the message clear the air about the public’s perception, how it has been used by some people, and a lot more. The message goes thus,

Dear My Cookery Zone,
Greetings! People underestimate what I do when they cook with me.
I know I draw the neighbor’s attention when you use me but also I don’t get the reason why some don’t like to see me in their food.
I know I can be a handful at times especially when I make you cry or when I cause a fiasco like becoming scarce or really costly. You really can’t blame me for this because I’m tired of being associated with such.

I know you’ve as well tried various hacks and suggestions on how to use me and not shed a tear. Sorry to disappoint you that may not be happening anytime soon. I bet you also wonder how I become scarce and costly at a particular point in time of the year. I have also been wondering why and I have spoken to the rest of the onion coven for people to stop denying me passage to other parts of the country (Nigeria) because of the unresolved differences between ethnic groups. How about that?

I’m only sending this letter to you My Cookery Zone to tell you how much I care and really still do care about being in people’s meals but pride won’t let me accept the fact that people care about me and I matter.
I love being in your meals but I can always stand alone without the accompanying of the two G’s. People tend to merge us together when they cook thinking that we do the same thing. No, we don’t. I do the bulk of the work when it comes to giving taste and flavor to food.

I also wonder why people follow those onion hacks all the best if you choose to follow any. As you are using me in your sauces, stews, and soups also in rice and beans dishes like everybody’s favorite “Jollof” don’t forget to add me to your smoothie. I hope you keep on using me to prepare your meals. I promise to never let you down.

Yours Faithfully,


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