10 essential kitchen utensils to have.

The kitchen is an environment where different types of utensils can be found. Utensils are devices or instruments used in the kitchen. These utensils aid efficiency, ease, and comfort in the kitchen arena.

The modern kitchen and those (i.e chefs and cooks) who believe in the need for cooking to be modernized. They appreciate and champion the need for cooking with the use of gadgets and modern appliances that make cooking less stressful. Some of the cooking utensils mentioned in this article are of different types and have been used over time from even the times of our ancestors. We still find them relevant and important in making food.

Kitchen utensils have gone through a series of re-branding and modification as it is found in ceramic, plastic, silicon, iron, brass, Stainless Steel, etc. The following utensils listed are some of the essential kitchen utensils to have.


Chef knife
I consider this kitchen utensil a must-have it does and can be used for virtually everything. It makes cutting in the kitchen easier and a lot easier. It also makes what is being cut even and visually appealing.


Vegetable peeler

The comfort of having a vegetable\potatoe peeler is one I can testify of. It makes cooking and most importantly peeling food items easier. Did I say asides from it being functional when peeling carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables it can as well be used to peel yam?. well I just did. Using a peeler to cut the skin\back of your yam instead of using a knife makes you save enough of the white flesh.


Wooden pallet and spatula

Wooden pallets and spatulas are a must-have if don’t have one yet. These wooden spoons make your nonstick pans and pots last longer and not deteriorate as to when it often comes in contact with a metal\iron\aluminiun. what the aforementioned do to your nonstick pan is they hit and create scratches on the pots coating this on a long run damaged the nonstick pan.


Slotted spoon

A slotted spoon is a kind of perforated spoon useful in taking out fries and protein when they are being fried. It is used mostly before what is being fried is put in a kitchen towel to drain out excess oil.


Clay pot

Asides from the fact that using or having a clay pot in your kitchen might send a notion that you are a lover of culture or anything ancient it is a good utensil to have it makes cooking quite easier and fast. I and my ancestors can testify to the speed at which food can be cooked using a clay pot and its incredible ability to retain heat during and after cooking.



If you are a lover of slow-cooking and if you love finishing off your cooking in an oven then a cast iron is a utensil you should invest in. It requires less maintenance and is good for your slow-cooking. A cast iron can be used on the stovetop even as it also doubles as a casserole dish. One thing you must know is that it is oftentimes very expensive but investing in one will serve a very long time.



Reheating already made food would be less stressful provided there is a microwave. Since the easy peasy lifestyle we all want in the kitchen where we can get things done in a couple of minutes the microwave can help achieve that. It only requires you to place your food in an oven-safe ware and your food is as good as being reheated.


Food processor

If you are looking for a kitchen utensil to invest in then a food processor should be on your list. Even as it is a kitchen utensil worth investing in, it is also important one pay attention to the brand it is being purchased from. A food processor comes with various blades and attachments that can be used for chopping, slicing, and cutting ingredients. Even without a knife being present a food processor gets the work done swiftly and it comes in handy provided there is power.


Chopping board

Purchasing a wooden\plastic\silicone chopping board or even a customized one should be important when setting up your kitchen. By culinary or the industrial kitchen standard they are six (red- uncooked\raw meat, blue- seafood and fish, white- chocolate and bread, green- fruits, brown- vegetables, and yellow- cooked meat\protein) major types of the chopping board with different purposes and functions. Going by this analogy, it is important having a good chopping board you might not have a lot like the colors mentioned but invest in a good and quality one and avoid cross-contamination by constant cleaning or washing.


Measuring cup and spoon

What is cooking without accurate measurement? Pastry making most especially requires the use of standard measuring cups and spoons. using a good measuring cup and spoon is tantamount to the end result of what is being baked or cooked.

The essential kitchen utensil isn’t only limited to the ten highlighted as there is an array of them which make cooking a fun thing doing and doesn’t require hard labour or stress to achieve the desired meal you crave badly.


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