“We declare that Nigerian leaders do not take the country seriously, and it is even open to question whether they believe in the country at all,..” – Nigerian Tribune writes on The Expatriate Quota Abuse In The Food/Drink Sector.

In a recent editorial, the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper has weighed in on an earlier report on the expatriate quota abuse in the food and drink sector.

The report stated that there are no fewer than 456 foreigners in 41 companies in the food and drink sector doing jobs that Nigerians can conveniently do, with four of such companies accounting for 186 expatriates. Some of the companies include fruit juice processing companies and a flour milling giant. Reports have it that the companies collectively have 153 excess expatriates on their payroll.

Reacting to the report, the Nigerian Tribune has categorically stated that, “the latest media report about looming industrial unrest in the food and beverage sector of the economy over expatriate quota abuse by multinationals and other major companies in the industry is just one in the series of unpalatable stories that have become rather routine.”

The Nigerian Tribune in the editorial piece further posited that “If there are laws and they are not being obeyed, it is because nobody takes Nigeria seriously. When violations attract no recompense, they can only get worse. We are appalled by the fact that government officials, for a mess of pottage, are colluding with foreigners to deny Nigerians their statutory rights. Such government officials ought to rot in jail, but they will probably never even have a date in the court of law.

At the risk of being repetitive, we declare that Nigerian leaders do not take the country seriously, and it is even open to question whether they believe in the country at all, or realise their place in ensuring that the Nigerian society runs smoothly and works for the benefit of all. If they did, no company would violate the law so casually. Even lawmakers hardly take the laws they make very seriously.”

On a conclusive note, Nigerian Tribune says, “We take serious exception to foreigners constituting economic sabotage to Nigeria and urge the government to take more than a passing interest in this matter. It is a disservice to the country to allow the situation in the food and drink sector to persist. The government should do something noble for once.”

Full editorial – https://tribuneonlineng.com/the-expatriate-quota-abuse-in-the-food-drink-sector/


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