MCZ Woman and Man Crush for October 2021.

Lara Rawa and Seth Awesome Jhan are #MCZWomanCrush and #MCZManCrush for the month of October 2021.

Seth Awesome Jhan is a Nigerian Mixologist who hails from Jos, Plateau state. He loves to incorporate Nigerian heritage and cultures into his serves. However, because of the dexterity and how he incorporates indigenous ingredients he founded the ‘Good Samaritan Initiative’ aimed at promoting the local use of indigenous products in cocktails.

He has a degree in Biochemistry and he is also certified in Mixology from European bartender school cape town, South Africa. The multiple-award-winning bartender in 2021 represented Lagos in the World Class Bartender Championship where he made a signature cocktail called ‘Kukuruku’ it is a cocktail he infused with Kolanut, Alligator pepper, and Coffee. He made a cordial out of these ingredients and paired it with Johnny Walker Black Label.

Seth shows off his Pan-Africanism in his choice of name as he prefers being called ‘afro tender’. He believes that with the use of indigenous ingredients in cocktails bartenders in Africa will get the credit for the cocktail recipes they create.

Presently, he is the head mixologist at Ebony Life Place. In 2020, Seth made appearances on BBC  News Pidgin and in 2021 on the nonprofit organization, Tales of the Cocktail seminar, Pan-African Flavour Identity Stories. Recently, he was one of the contestants at the Lagos Cocktail Week 2021 where he emerged winner of the Star Radler x Desperadoes Challenge.

We at My Cookery Zone celebrate you Seth the Afro Tender and wish you well even as you continue showcasing Africanism by infusing indigenous African ingredients in cocktails.

In Nigeria, think of the best mixologist and Lara Rawa is top on the list. Lara Rawa is a trained lawyer, event planner, and professional mixologist. She is the CEO of Eventi Cocktails, a brand focused on producing bespoke cocktails.

With her wealth of knowledge, experience, and exposure at London Cocktail Week, she organized a similar event in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. It was called Eventi Cocktail Weekend.

This event metamorphosed into the popular Lagos Cocktail Week which has created a viable networking platform for mixologists from all walks of life. The event usually features a competition that is sponsored by beverage brands such as Fayrouz, Johnny Walker, Desperado amongst others.

To further build her knowledge of business, she is currently doing her MBA at Lagos Business School. Asides, Eventi Cocktails, more recently she worked with beverage brands like Schweppes where she created 30 recipes when the beverage brand launched a new variant in 2019.

We at My Cookery Zone, wish Lara Rawa the best in her future endeavors even as she continues breaking boundaries in the beverage industry.


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