The Art of Plating announces the finalists of rising talent 2021.

The platform that celebrates and honors a diverse class of individuals who are fearlessly pursuing their passions in food, beverage, and hospitality, Art of Plating, has officially announced the Top 16 finalists for this year’s rising talents.

My Cookery Zone gathered that The Art of Plating Rising Talent 2021 list is in partnership with Perrier Jouët and Valrhona.

Art of Plating stated that, “over the last year and a half, the hospitality industry as we know it has been irrevocably transformed. The pandemic led to mass layoffs, business shutdowns, and food shortages—it was a dark hour for an industry that thrives on in-person interaction and social connection. But from adversity and loss sprang hope and innovation. Many pivoted their existing businesses while others launched entirely new ventures or finally had the space to pursue their dream career.”

This year’s list of The Art of Plating rising talents is a list that includes first-time entrepreneurs, seasoned pastry chefs, wine professionals, and bakers turned social activists, representing many different backgrounds and in many cases, countries around the world.

The following are the Top 16 finalists of The Art of Plating Rising Talent 2021:

Chef Paola Velez @smallorchids
Ana Castro @anabanana_castro
Alexandra Motz @alexandramotz
Anold Byun @arnoldbyun
Carolina Gelen @carolinagelen
Chef Kurt Evans @kurtcooks
Richard Lee @richl430
Serigne Mbaye @serignembaye_
Sol Han @chefsolstice
Kim Conroy @kconroy78
Elizabeth D. Tilton @elizabethtilton
Eat Offbeat @eatoffbeat
Winston Chiu @winstoncchiu
Jhonel Faelnar @jhonelfaelnar
Noël Burgess @mrnoelburgess
Sahra Nguyen @oneouncegold


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