Rice, a conglomerate, a binding and unifying food top 6 rice dishes you should try this #NationalRiceWeek

The picture above perfectly exemplifies the relationship between Nigerians and Rice dishes. An average Nigerian eats a rice dish at least 3 times a week. Nigeria currently tops the statistics as the highest consumer of rice in Africa. This article is aimed at highlighting the rice dishes Nigerians love in commemoration of National Rice Week.

Photo Credit; nks_kitchen

Plain Boiled Rice

Popularly known as white rice, is the most consumed rice dish in Nigerian families. It is very easy to prepare, all that is needed are water, rice and maybe salt. More often than not, it is paired with tomato stew. It can also be served with curry sauces and stir fry sauces. Boiled beans and plantain are the most perfect combination with white rice.

Photo credit; danielochuko_

Jollof Rice

Without doubts or arguments, Jollof rice is one of the most popular rice dishes in the world and the most popular in Nigeria. Jollof rice is usually made with long grain rice, spices, onions, scotch bonnets, bell peppers, and tomatoes. It is a must-have at Nigerian parties, a Nigerian party without Jollof rice is incomplete. The perfect Jollof rice has a smoky flavor that comes from the firewood used in preparing it. Jollof rice is best paired with either fried plantain, coleslaw, or moimoi. It is worthy of note that Jollof rice isn’t peculiar to Nigeria, it is a precious gift sprinkled around West Africa.

Photo credit; bosslady_cookist

Fried Rice

Fried rice is the sister meal to Jollof rice, they are usually served together as a portion of a meal at parties. The highlights of Nigerian Fried rice are the colorful vegetables ranging from carrot, bell peppers, spring onions, green peas, and runner beans and the protein which could either be liver, shrimps, or sausages. Nigerian Fried rice is distinct from other types of Fried rice as it has a greenish/yellowish color resulting from the curry used in preparing it.

Photo credit; Ofadaboy

Ofada Rice

Ofada rice is a variety of rice grown in Nigeria. It is short and has brown stripes on it because it was planted and consumed in its natural state. It is very popular in South West Nigeria particularly Ogun state where it is indigenous. Ofada rice is the third rice dish that is a must-have at Nigerian parties. It is served with Ayamase sauce, which consists of green peppers cooked in bleached palm oil with lots of iru and onions.

Photo credit; Lagoshousewife

Tuwo Shinkafa

Tuwo shinkafa is a popular rice dish peculiar to Northern Nigeria. It is usually prepared with short-grain rice made into a swallow. It is usually eaten with soups such as Miyan Kuka, Miyan Kubewa, Miyan Taushe.

Photo credit; themasabox_ng


Masa is a rice cake, a very popular meal in Northern Nigeria. It is made with blended rice. The recipe varies from kitchen to kitchen but the constant ingredients include rice, salt, and yeast. It is usually served with yaji or kulikuli powder.

As a true Nigerian, you must have eaten at least one of these dishes. How many of these rich dishes have you eaten? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!


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