World Jollof Rice Day | Rules guiding you as a consumer of Jollof Rice.

Queen Jollof Rice is celebrated every 22nd of August the broadcast is sent to both length and breadth of the world. However, even though, this meal is eaten to nourish body and soul it’s like the eaters for over the years tend to not appreciate and respect the power vested in Jollof.

The power I speak of is the one that comes from the Knights (ie ingredients) used to bring the dish into fruition.
As we celebrate Jollof it’s with great delight to present to you all this honorary piece. As we celebrate this glorious day, we’ve highlighted five rules guiding you as a consumer of Jollof Rice.

Rule 1: Never spell JOLLOF with a small letter ‘j’.

Jollof is a honorary member of the food association club and it deserves to be respected. Any form of disrespect comes with its consequence. You never spell your name with a small letter (even if you do) don’t you do that to Jollof.

Rule 2: Never pronounce it JELLOF / JOFLOR or whatever.

It is JOLLOF as in (/dʒəˈlɒf/). There’s no two way around it. Learning the spelling and familiarizing yourself to how it’s pronounced wouldn’t cost you a million dollar but you’ve refused to change.

Rule 3: Never for once doubt Queen Jollof and go for an alternative.

JOLLOF doesn’t like being compared with other rice dishes. Infact, it prefers being called Queen. Comparison is a thief of joy and satisfaction so don’t compare.

Rule 4: Adding obstacles to Queen Jollof is allowed but, don’t you ever over do it.

It is a grievous offence to actually be adding unnecessary things to Queen Jollof. JOLLOF alone is sweet already so don’t overload it all in the name of cravings. The JOLLOF constitution frowns on this act and it is punishable.

Rule 5: Remain loyal to the JOLLOF of your motherland.

We know you are very familiar with this. Infact you are always at the forefront of every Jollof war.  Even if, food historians claim Jollof came from the people of Wolof in Senegal, it is imperative of you to remain loyal to the Jollof of where you came from. We know you never disappoint on this account. As for those of you who don’t conform to rules let your conscience be your judge.

After all that has been said and put into writing, we know you are very familiar with the ingredients,
The wonders they can do have been tested and it truly works.
The technique behind it is phenomenal and exceptional.
Even though, countries tend to go at loggerheads.
We still advice you be jollof today.

Happy World Jollof Rice Day


Published by Temitopedancer

My name is ÌyanuOlúwa Fágbiyè Tèmítọ́pẹ́ (Pen name: temitopedancer) I am the founder and team lead at My Cookery Zone. I'm an Anthropologist, multimedia Journalist / broadcaster, food blo gger, and food writer.

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