Meet #HouseOfChefs Season 1 contestants.

Honey Africa Pan African cooking show, House of Chefs is set to premiere today. It is a competition that features eight young chefs from seven different African countries.

As earlier reported by MCZ Food Media, the show is being hosted by the Award-winning TV host, Sheilah Gashumba and the competition is judged by Food Network Star, Restauranteur and host of Siba’s table, Siba Mtongana.

Meet #HouseOfChefs Season 1 contestants.

Starting tonight on House of Chefs season 1; meet the eight young African chefs to feature on House of Chefs and know the countries they represent are:

Joseph Odoom (Ghana 🇬🇭)

Chef Joseph is an Afro pastry chef based in Accra, Ghana. He is a menu consultant and Pastry chef at Dine on a mat (A Nomadic Restaurant) and Parcelle treats.

Thabo Phake (South Africa 🇿🇦)

Chef Thabo is a the head chef at La Taverna, Abuja. Thabo is a consultant at Strobiē by Joanne Bakery and Salt & Black pepper restaurant located in Abuja, Nigeria. He’s an aspiring football agent and he shuffles between Abuja, Joburg and Durban.

Tobe Onyenyeonwu (Nigeria 🇳🇬)

Chef Tobechukwu describes himself as an “African storytelling chef” he is a medical student and doubles as a videographer and photographer. This skill is what he uses in creating content on his food page ‘Deliciously Tobe’ where he shares stopmotion food video content.

Ruth Buliamu (DRC🇨🇩)

Chef Ruth Buliamu is from the DRC. Honey Africa TV describes her as “new to the culinary world”. Ruth is also a student of FalseBay College.

Lesiamon Sempele (Kenya 🇰🇪)

Chef Lesiamon Ole Sempele is a culinary artist, chef, food stylist and content creator on The Kenyan Kitchen YouTube channel. A channel where he shares indigenous food and recipes of the Kenyan origin. Lesiamon believes in Good vibes only.

Merry Ziringa (DRC 🇨🇩)

Merry Ziringa is a young chef based in the DRC. She’s a chef looking forward to furthering her education with the hopes of opening a restaurant some day.

Kalu Chikamba (Zambia🇿🇲)

Kalu Chikamba is a young aspiring Zambian chef. Kalu is the youngest on the show and her aim is to change people’s perspective about Young African Chefs across the continent.

Ingrida Musabe (Rwanda 🇷🇼)

Ingrida Musabe is a young Rwandan chef. The “Rwandan finest” is a contestant on the show House Of Chefs and she’s  gearing towards becoming a restaurateur some day.

According to House of Chefs, “The knives are out in this cusine competition” and we can’t wait to see the great culinary skills to be unleashed.
The winner of House of Chefs will be rewarded with a cash prize of $5,000.
House of Chefs by Honey Africa TV premieres tonight Friday, 13th August 2021; 8pm (WAT) on DSTV Channel 173.


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