MCZ Man & Woman Crush July, 2021

Chef Britty & Ashinze Oghenetejiri were our man and woman crush for this month.

Lawrence Obiefule (Chef Britty)

Lawrence Obiefule, Chef Britty, is a trained Hospitality Manager, Pastry Chef, Pastry-Art Instructor, Sugar Artist and the Creative Head at “Ùtọ́ by Chef Britty” (

He is the pastry art instructor at Giggles Culinary Place (@gigglesculinaryplace), a pastry chef at Lagos Jet Ski Club as well as a freelance bakery consultant in Lagos, Nigeria, whose culinary artistry has won several national acclaims including the Dewdrops Uncut Learning West Africa Live Wedding Cake Competition in September 2019, where he, and his teammates, put together a 7-foot tall wedding cake in five hours.

Chef Britty is fascinated by the rich tapestry of arts, food and cultures and their interplay in promoting appetite, healthy eating and sharing are what fascinates him.

Asides being skilled in cake artistry he is also skilled in event planning. We at My Cookery Zone Platform, will describe Chef Britty as one of the most resilient pastry chef in this day and age.

We wish you more successes in your career as a pastry chef.

Ashinze Oghenetejiri

Ashinze Oghenetejiri loves good food, according to her, her mom being a caterer spurred her love for good food. She studied accounting and currently works as a sales executive. She is intensely passionate about food styling and photography. Her love for good looking food birthed her food photography career, which in her words, has been amazing.

She remarks that food photography is not an easy task as a long litany of activities goes into the planning ranging from shopping to prepping to cooking to styling to shooting to editing and finally posting the meal. However, the final product gives her all the motivation she needs.

Ashinze hopes, as God wills, to be one of the top food photographers in the Nigerian food industry. We at MCZ, wish Ashinze Oghenetejiri the best in her future endeavors.


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