#ChildrensDay | Meet 2 Kidprenuers taking up the food industry.

In recent times, kidprenuers have taken the food space and it’s absolutely beautiful to see teenagers that are ambitious, creative, innovative, highly skilled and down to earth. You normally would find them in creative spaces which the food industry is part of. With them you find STEM/STE(A)M (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) with this they showcase their skill and ability to inculcating this in their careers.

You find them passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals this, another way they showcase their love for humanity.

Kids who engage in entrepreneurship hence, the name, kidprenuer. These ones are doing the unthinkable at their age they’ve chosen to be different and bear the torch of light and inspiration for their agemates.
In celebration of Children’s Day, My Cookery Zone Platform is profiling these amazing kidprenuers.

Image: Jessica Douglas-Jombo, 13 years old. She specializes in Nigerian & African Cuisines along with fusion recipes.

Jessie as she is popularly called is a Multilingual 13 years old super star food content creator, Actress, Talk show host, Brand influencer, Poet, Author (Becoming a Genius in the Kitchen) and a student.
This prolific 9th grader speaks fluent French, German, Spanish, Latin & English. She is a voracious reader who loves Acting, Cooking & Developing recipes, Writing and Singing. She is a trained Nollywood actress and recently featured in a Short movie like “Beautiful Things, Tough Love, comedy skits to mention a few. She has been featured on This Day Newspaper, Business Day, Silverbirdtv, Wazobiamaxtv, Radio Nigeria and currently has programs running on Rave TV, Ogelle and Youtube.
When not busy reading or writing her own plays, Jessica enjoys watching the Food network, Discovery channel and drawing Art pieces. She is a blogger (managed by mum and dad), who inspires children all over the world with her Instagram channel @cookingwithjessie1, her YouTube channel: cookingwithjessie, her charity foundation (TripleJ Foundation – Zero hunger for kids) and her travel blog: Jessie’s favorite travel diaries

Jessie’s creating food content started with her love for food and cooking, a love her mom noticed and nurtured from the beginning. Then after a little nudge from her super supportive parents, she decided to share recipes with the world.
On the journey of creating food content and being a kidpreneur Jessie has learnt about dedication, about discipline. “Some days weren’t easy but my love for what I do and my parents have helped me through everything.”

Jessica doesn’t feel pressured by being a kidprenuer because she likes what she does. Jessica in her words, “I’ve found that as long as I am enjoying what I’m doing, as long as my work is my play, I feel no pressure.”
Jessica gains inspiration from Sibahle (Siba) Mtongana and Gemma Stafford. According to Jessica, “these two are incredibly creative and they encourage me to try different recipes and to add my twist to it.”

Years from now, Jessica sees herself still creating and doing what she loves. “I see myself, not necessarily cooking, but creating solutions to problems be it concerning food or anything else.”
On her latest projects Jessica said, “I won’t spoil anything but, like I said in my eBook, we will definitely be traveling foodually.”

Image: Temidayo Ipaye, 17years old,  resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the Founder, Temibles Cakes.

Temidayo recently graduated from Lagos Anglican Girl’s Secondary School and she’s aspiring to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication at the Lagos State University (LASU).

Temidayo is a baker and a cake decorator. She runs her personal business known as “Temibles Cakes” since she was 13 years old but started baking at the age of 10.

Growing up as a child, Temidayo was exposed to a lot of food and also watched quite a number of food channels (baking) that inspired her to become a baker. She went further by watching YouTube videos but never really got enough as she wanted to learn more. The passion kept growing and that’s how she brought that dream to life.

On her journey as a kidprenuer Temidayo stated that,
“I’ve had a lot of setbacks due to combining school work and following my passion. Many a time i felt like giving up due to lack of support and financial difficulty setting up my baking business, but above all it has been fun being a kidprenuer.”
Yes, I feel pressured at times because they are a lot competitors out there. The only thing I try not to is look down on myself. I try as much as possible to see things positively even when they are not going smoothly. I wake up most times motivating myself by saying I am “the next cake boss”.

Mrs Ezinne Okonkwo, the C.E.O of Dewdrops cakes inspires Temidayo so much. According to Temidayo,  “She shared her story, and i fellt like she was helping me share mine. It was so relatable because she started about the same age as me and that made me believe so much in myself.  Anytime I feel like giving up I just go to her page and i tell myself,  “I can’t give up”.”

She sees herself years from now doing so well educationally, professionally, physically, and mentally and also being an inspiration to other aspiring young bakers. “I see “Temibles Cakes” being mentioned world wide. In other words, I see Growth, Success and Victory written all over me!”

Speaking to My Cookery Zone on new projects, Temidayo is working on rebranding her business while adding new products to the menu in addition to attending other training courses.


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