#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 13 | HEALTH AND NUTRITION TIPS 105

Tip Thursday this week will be sharing five tips under five subheadings on everything sugar you should avoid or take in moderation.

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Look for unsweetened pure juice. Avoid products labelled as juice drink, which may contain as little as 5% juice and be sweetened with even more sugar than is found in a bottle of soft drinks.


Artificial sweeteners don’t necessarily offer a free pass for eating sweets, biscuits and cakes, products made with artificial sweeteners still contain calories and carbohydrates that can affect your blood sugar level and some may even contain sugar as well.


Most people believe brown sugar is a healthier option than white sugar but in reality, the majority of brown sugar is simply refined white sugar with molasses added to change it colours.


Instead of fruit squashes, which can often be loaded with sugar, dilute a little pure fruit juice with water instead. Fruit juice does contain sugar, but because it is natural fructose the body doesn’t suffer the same blood glucose peaks.


Instead of jam, which can be packed with sugar, try no-sugar jam or make your own very healthy apple spread by cooking sliced sweet eating apples and a dash of cinnamon in a little water.


To regulate blood sugar levels the best vegetables to choose are fibrous varieties like cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, peppers and fruits.


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