MCZ Man & Woman Crush for March 2021

Food photographer Anjola Awosika and Food blogger, Freda Muyambo were #MCZManCrush & #MCZWomanCrush for March 2021!

Anjola Awosika is a Nigerian food photographer. Documentation of his experience in restaurants was his first love before he delved into food photography after he started sourcing for good food photos on the internet.

He is passionate about telling the Nigerian food story through photography. Anjola tries out different recipes from Nigerian food bloggers and photographs them showcasing the diversity of Nigerian food through photography.

In 2018, Anjola started food photography professionally ever since he has worked with renowned chefs and food businesses/brands.
Anjola was a columnist on Business Day Weekender on the segment, Culinary delights where he shared tips on food photography every weekend.

He is currently the official photographer for Livvy’s Twist Cake Company. If there’s one thing Anjola loves to say it is “the goal shouldn’t be I want to have a great looking photo. It should be I want to tell a story” and that is why he does what he does.

We at MCZ, wish Anjola Awosika well even as he continues documenting and showcasing the diversity in Nigerian food.

Freda Muyambo is a culinary expert and food blogger. She’s dedicated to highlighting African food by sharing her unique perspective about food history and research through her food blog, My Burnt Orange.

“the belief that we are the champions of our own story when it comes to food. The narrative needed to change concerning what was written about African foods in the past. There was no need to sit down and ask when it would change but rather be a part of the change. Food history also fascinates me because it gives me a place to reconnect with my cultural identity” she said during a chat with BossLady Cookist for My Cookery Zone.

When Freda works with food, she’s happy, happy to learn new things and enlighten people about her new findings or novel ideas.
Speaking of features Freda, contributed to two internationally published books and she’s recognized by CNN as one of Africa’s Top Food Bloggers. In 2015, Freda was featured by the BBC on the show Focus On Africa while in 2020, she alongside other five creative Women in the food and beverage industry were showcased by Hustle Africa. She has also been featured on Item 13 Podcast (An African Food Podcast powered by Heritage Radio Network).

We at MCZ wish Freda Muyambo, the very best in her endeavors even as she continues placing African food on the World Food map through her endless research and documentation of African food.


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