Bukie Akinmade, Joel Adu and Mirabella Henry speak on Content Creation in 2021.

We opened our discuss on #MCZIGLIVESERIES this year with the theme Food Content Creation in 2021. This is in relation to food blogging / food photography & styling / food critiquing and fine dining.

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However, Bukie Akinmade of The Kitchen Muse, Joel Adu of Eko Food Photographer and Mirabella Henry of Bella Explores were featured in the month of February 2021 on My Cookery Zone Platform to discuss on food content creation.

L-R: Bukie Akinmade, Joel Adu & Mirabella Henry

In conversation with Bukie Akinmade of The Kitchen Muse on Food Content Creation in relation to Food Blogging and Food Styling.

•It may seem like we only work online but there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes…… I think a lot of content creators created a lot more content in 2020 than they’ve ever done.

•It’s important to take that time to unplug and refresh because I feel like your creativity shines through when you’re relaxed and able to think…..

•I’ve learnt so much in this five years from people commenting on things that I’ve done.

•In 2021, people will be more receptive to the experiments content creators come up with as regards food.

•I’m hoping that in 2021 people are more thoughtful of the kind of comments and things that they say online to especially people they don’t know.

Joel Adu while discussing on Food Content Creation in relation to Food Photography and Styling

•I often describe food as a miracle and one of God’s best gifts to man so in every way I can appreciate that food I will.

•The sweetest part of being a food photographer is in the eating of the food

•Brands should learn to negotiate as opposed to shutting down the conversations around money.

•The process is something that I quite enjoy , I am not looking for next day success. I am willing to put in the work to get what I want.

•I am not one who loves to just eat Nigerian food. I like to sample food from every country I travel to.

On the other hand, Mirabella Henry of Bella Explores discussed on Food Content Creation in relation to Food Critiquing and Fine Dining.

•…Bellaexplores kicked off in February and so far it’s been an interesting journey, I had a pause last year due to the whole pandemic but I really got active from July last year and it’s been a swell experience so far.

•My knowledge for food has also grown, I have been a bit more critical, I try my best to engage with my followers, you know being relatable, I think that was a challenge I had at the beginning,

•Definitely, no one is an island of knowledge, so this year I’m looking forward to collaborating with fellow food critics…

•A lot more will be coming this year, I’ll be reviewing a lot of restaurants and like I said, I have grown more critical… as the standard had grown. I’ll expect the best service, the best food for the restaurants I visit.


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