#YCO21Virtual ¦| Meet the contestants for the World’s biggest Young Chef Olympiad 2021.

The World’s Biggest Olympiad for Culinary Students has unveiled the contestants and participating countries for its 7th edition. The culinary competition that started in 2015 and has ever been a uniting force for culinary industry across 50+ countries is set to make this edition a reality as they’ve decided to go virtual,

however, MCZ Food Media gathered that, this edition will cut across: 6 continents and 24 time zones all in 8 days.

According to reports, Young Chef Olympiad 2021 will feature countries like: Kenya, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Lesotho, UAE, Iran amongst others. The contestants and mentors for the Young Chef Olympiad 2021 are:

Jessica Cummins & her Mentor Tremaine Reece, representing Barbados

Andres Mauricio & his Mentor Chef Julio César González, representing Colombia

Jessica Miolo & her Mentor Chef Ivano Pintonato, representing Italy

Jena Bono & her Mentor, Chef Fintan Flynn, representing Canada

Yahia Khaled & his Mentor Chef Yousef Jabasini, representing Jordan

Gadicha Tsaes of Silver Spoon Hospitality Academy & her Mentor Terry Jenkinson, representing Namibia

Swabra Chimoli iddi & her Mentor, Chef Chris Burton, will represent Kenya

Abhay Limbu & his Mentor Rokesh Rohilla to represent Nepal

Esther Jou Navarro & Mentor Jacob Salvador Fernández to represent Spain

Jessica Louise Hoskins & Mentor Scott Campbell to represent New Zealand

Ricardo Martin of Grand Hotel Djibloho Culinary School & Mentor Asim Ratnani to represent Equatorial New Guinea

Srijaenthi Natraj & Mentor Vrushali Jadhav to represent UAE

Andzhela Boeva & her Mentor Henry Donneaux, representing Bulgaria.

Akhmad Khamdamov & his Mentor Abdurakhmon, representing Uzbekistan.

Lee Maan Ki of International Culinary Institute & her Mentor Ricky Chan, representing Hong Kong.

Mahapatabendige Perera & Mentor Weenu Braun to represent Sri Lanka

Nikolaus Tyaska Ganindya & Mentor Yusi Kusmadi to represent Indonesia

Saif Eddine Chaabeni & Mentor Yengui Makrem to represent Tunisia.

Paniz Zafarieh Kermani & her Mentor Hossein Bahrami to represent Iran

Swetang Ranjan & Mentor, Chef Clement D Cruze to represent India

Fathimath Sadha & Mentor Fathimath Umar to represent Maldives.

Róbert Zdravkov Demirev & Mentor Ægir Friðriksson will represent Iceland.

Reeyana Rahman & Mentor Jahida Begum will represent Bangladesh

Iyeke Elizabeth & Mentor Bassey Egbe who will represent Nigeria

Seebarun arun Jason & Mentor Angelique Armoogum to represent Mauritius

Palesa Mary Mohapi & Mentor will represent Lesotho

Jiwon Kim & Mentor Per Henrik Jonsson to represent South Korea

Axel Wennerlund & Mentor Jonas Olsson to represent Sweden

Oğuz Serhan Durgut & Mentor Burak Aras to represent Turkey


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