#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 5 | DIET ETIQUETTE

Tip Thursday brings to mind this week, tips on choosing the right foods and drinks in the evening, tips on how to protect your gums, observing the signs of dehydration, seeking professional help when dieting and knowing when to stop eating. All these tips and diet etiquette can be seen under five subheadings.


If you have sleep problems, choosing the right foods and drinks in the evening might help. Steer clear of high – GI foods that boost energy and caffeine drinks, opting instead for containing the amino acid such as lettuce, brown bread and turkey.


Not only gum disease are unattractive and painful, it has been linked with other serious problems like strokes and heart disease. Eating a diet as low in refined sugar as possible helps.


Stop eating when you’re full. It sounds simple, but many of us are conditioned to finish what is on our plates regardless of whether we have had enough. After every mouthful, pause and think about whether you really want the next one.


If you are having trouble cutting sugary and fatty foods out of your diet, or you are trying to stick to a plan but the weight just is not coming off, consider consulting a dietician. Make offer a one-off consultation that might help kick-start you into making some basic practical changes.


Are you really hungry – or dehydrated? Lack of water can make you think you are hungry for food leading to overreating and weight gain, cravings for salty foods are also a tell tale sign of dehydration. Drink two litres of water daily at regular intervals.


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