#KnowingMoreAboutFruits 4th Edition | Acai berry

English Name: Acai berry
Botanical Name: Euterpe oleracea

DESCRIPTION: A small dark purple fleshy berry like fruit of a tall slender palm of tropical Central and South America oftemn used in making beverages.

ORIGIN: The acai berry has been around for thousands of years and not until thed 90’s was it introduced to the Western world. The acai berry was found to posses tremendous health properties. The acai berry first used by the tribes of the Amazon jungle as a cure for various ailments. The Amazon boarders eight different countries and has the World largest river basin not onlt that it supply one fifth of the world freshwater. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world where one third of all animal and plant species live.

NATURAL BENEFITS: The acai berry was discovered to have anti-oxidant and a natural cholesterol controller and helps build the immune system, fight against infection, protects against heart disease and control prostrate enlargement. The acai berry was also discovered to fight Schistosomosis, a disease transmitted by snails.

USES: Acai berry can be added to smothies, used in making juices etc.


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