MCZ Man & Woman Crush for December 2020!

Chef Prince Okpala and Omotolani Osikoya were our #MCZManCrush & #MCZWomanCrush for December 2020!

On December 21st, 2020 Chef Prince Okpalawas our Man crush.

Prince is a Nigerian chef who also loves art and photography. He studied at the Culinary Academy Nigeria where he emerged as one of the best graduating student. He won the prestigious prize of the African Young Chef’s competition 2017 where he battled other young chefs across Africa and came first barely two months after joining the culinary school.

Prince interned for six months at Eros & Gourmet after his training at Culinary Academy. During his time at Eros Group he was made a sous chef by Chef Eros who saw his dedication and resilience.

He also worked briefly at Porkoyum and Jara beach resort where he was made Head chef and launched their dinner menu. Prince was involved in the logistics and planning of ILE EROS restaurant and Freshly Prep by Eros & Gourmet.

He has featured on our exclusive report on MCZQuotes where we shared an adaption of his contribution to My Cookery Zone’s Covid-19 report.

Prince is driven by what he loves to do best which is cook, experimenting new recipes and focus on developing his culinary journey — Saint Ike as he’s fondly called believes this is a form of therapy.

We at MCZ, wish you well even as you continue being resilient on changing the food narrative.

On December 23rd, 2020 our woman crush was Omotolani Osikoya of Diary of a Kitchen Lover.

Think of aesthetically pleasing recipe videos and pictures, Diary of a Kitchen lover is top on the list. Tolani is a chef, food blogger, influencer and a youtuber. She has been consistently food blogging for over two years and she knows her onions quite well.

Tolani was the 2019 champion of national Jollof Master competition organised by Sterling bank during its Eat Drink festival.
She was the judge and host at Morning Fresh Search for Best Nigerian Dishes competition. She also featured in an episode of Maggi’s taste of the city. So also she appeared on a duo with The Kitchen Muse where they shared recipes that make you glow.

She is the CEO of Slay by Tolani and Dynasteesng, an online fashion store and a T-shirt customization company respectively.
In addition to food blogging, Tolani also takes cooking class and food blogging class where she trains people on the art of cooking and food blogging.

We at MCZ, celebrate you for the hard work and dedication you put into creating food content.


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