What makes Christmas season special? Find out as Food enthusiasts share their opinion with Bosslady Cookist

Christmas is a season to be merry and joyful. Christmas comes with a rush of memory and joyful experiences for a number of people. In homes and major cities across the world, the decorations and lights have been displayed, gifts are being exchanged, fruit cakes have been baked or are being baked, special meals are being prepped and of course Christmas music and caroling can’t be forgotten.

Needless to say, Christmas holds different memories to different people; to some it is a moment to bond with family; nuclear or extended, to some it is time for a vacation, to some it is a time to cook up a storm, to some it is a time of reflection.

My Cookery Zone asked food bloggers and enthusiasts about what makes Christmas special to them, below are the responses we got.

Seyene Otu of diaryofanaijachef says “When I think about christmas, I think about food and family.”

Matse Uwatse of matsecooks says “Christmas is special to me because it is a time to be merry. A time to connect with family members near and far. Despite the distance, we try to send gifts to one another or make phone or video calls. It is a time to bond even more. The bonding and light heartedness of it all is what is really special to me.”

Culinary creator, Aramide Pearce, says “Christmas is special to me as I get to spend time with my family. It is also special to me because it allows me to reflect on my year and how much I have achieved.”

Atim Ukoh of Afrolems, says “Christmas has always had fond memories in my household. From the plenty foods to the gift exchanges to family, it’s always been special. Growing up, I used to look forward to presents, decorations, school plays, carols and the foooood. This year, I’m grateful for life, family and food we can afford 😊.”

Ozoz Sokoh of kitchenbutterfly, says “For me, special is the scent of Christmas. Of citrus, dried fruit, mixed spice and brandy stewing gently for my fruitcakes, it’s the smoke of the finest Jollof, the taste of coleslaw with Heinz salad cream. It’s crunchy chinchin, by the bag. It’s thinking of spending time feeding my children, dreaming of the colours of deliciousness that’ll grace our table. It’s gratitude, thankfulness, joy. These are the things that make Christmas special. Did I mention dodo and grilled guinea fowl?”

Such lovely responses that revolve around food and family, blissful isn’t it? By and large, we all see Christmas as a time to bond with family and acquaintances. It is a time for reflection and indeed a time to look forward to achieving set out goals.

What does Christmas mean to you? Let us know in the comment section.


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A Nigerian teenager that is very passionate about food and cooking. Ibadan, Nigeria living; Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France and Culinary Institute of America dreaming.

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