7 Dishes Worth Being On Your Christmas Menu.

Christmas has always been that holiday a lot of people look forward to because there is so much that comes with Christmas. We are talking gift sharing, having to be surrounded by loved ones, showing gratitude, sharing and a period of making people happy in your own little way.

And like every holiday that involves having people around , there is always food and lots of people go far to make sure they prepare the best of the best for their loved ones . So we at MCZ, have taken it upon ourselves to share with you some Christmas worthy dishes that we think you should add to your already made list.

The menu below features dishes from Nigerian food bloggers that you can add to your Christmas menu even as you prepare for the yuletide.

NB: Clicking on the creators name automatically takes you to the recipe.

1. The Famous Unfailing Nigerian jollof.

Image: Kiki Foodies

This is a staple dish for every Nigerian occasion and we see no reason why it shouldn’t be on your menu for Christmas. (By: Kikifoodies)

2. Apple Pie With Custard.

Image: Dobby’s Signature

This is for people who want to go the extra mile this Christmas giving their guest and family something extra. (By: Dobbys signature)

3. Chapman.

Image: Sisi Yemmie

We all like that chilled drink during or after a meal so we thought to add the all time Nigerian favorite Chapman. Made with very little ingredients and come together all the time . (By: Sisiyemmie)

4. Homemade Vanilla Oreo Ice Cream

Image: Sisi Jemimah

Because it is the holiday season and because we are also in a pandemic so we are trying to bring the party to the house without going out and children cannot be left out so we have added this really tasty Oreo ice cream that you can’t go wrong with for the little children. (By: Sisi Jemimah )

5. Nigerian Fried Rice.

Image: Diary Of A Kitchen Lover

You didn’t think we would leave out this epitome of Nigerian food beauty , did you? Because we are bringing the party to the house , we decided to add this dish to add color and flavor to the party for you and your loved ones. We love you that much (By: Diary Of A Kitchen Lover)

6. Spicy Goat meat Pepper Soup.

Image: The Kitchen Muse

We are adding this to bring the Christmas celebration closer to home as some of us grew up having this with our parents and grandparents so what better way than to create another memory. (By: The Kitchen Muse)

7. Chin-Chin.

Image: Matse Cooks

What is a family gathering without a little something to take us through our gists and arguments. Pairing this with Chapman will definitely be a hit. (By: MatseCooks)


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