#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 4 | Choose your milk

Many came to terms with their bodies being lactose intolerant at a very early age. I can say quite a lot of us have discovered this and we go for alternative sources (i.e plant) to majorly obtain milk.
Dairy products are usually rich in protein, vitamins and minerals after reading this you should know the best that works for your body type and system.

Raw milk

The most benefiting milk contains more calcium and vitamins. It is called Raw milk obtained from Cow, sheep and Goat very high in calcium and vitamins.
The only disadvantage of raw milk is that, it can easily get contaminated by harmful bacteria like Salmonella.

Organic milk

They’re food products, grown in an environment free from artificial agrichemicals, and possibly certified by a regulatory body. This type of Milk are produced without any synthetic fibre and it’s very expensive.

Soy milk

High in proteins and calcium without any saturated fat. Obtained from Soy bean studies show, it has properties that prevents breast cancer.

Coconut milk

Rich creamy and tasty milk obtained from fleshy part of coconut rich in protein, fat and calories it pairs well with tigernuts for more richness and dates for sweetness.

Rice milk

It is obtained from rice grain equally good as beverage and for cooking but low in fat and protein and it has no vitamin A & C.


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