#TipThursdayonMCZ Edition 3 | Healthy reproductive system

This week on Tip Thursday on MyCookery Zone we look into fertility tips. In five subheadings we advise on the best way to have a healthy reproductive system.


Increase vitamin C to 500 – 100mg a day may help boost fertility in men by increasing the number and quality of sperm produced and reducing abnormalities. Get it naturally in fresh fruit.


If you have a woman trying to conceive, meat can be helpful but its best not to eat it more than two or three times a week.
Too much can reduce blood flow to the uterus and prevent the egg from implanting successful. You can stay off meat.


To maximise their fertility, men are advised to avoid soy because it contains phytate, which affects the absorption of the mineral zinc, essential for healthy sperm production. Another reason to limit the amount of soy consumed is that it is also thought to reduce the male sex driver. Buddhist monks have traditionally used it to lower libido.


A few studies suggest that women who are trying to conceive should avoid soya products because they contain a component that is similar to the female hormone oestrogen, which can affect the length of the menstrual cycle, soya also lower the levels of two hormones necessary for ovulations.


Men hoping to boost their fertility should eat more fruit and vegetables as a diet low in these fresh products has been linked to sluggish sperm. Any fruit or vegetable will help sperm health, and it is important to have five portions a day.


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