MCZ Exclusive Interview with Oladejo Stephen Abiodun, Chief Baker at AbbeyzDelightCakes Bakery.

Oladejo Stephen Abiodun is one of the young Pastry chefs, adding value to the food and beverage industry. In 2015, he tolled the line of baking because of the passion he developed after watching tons of YouTube videos. The love has doubled over the years which gave rise to his cake company AbbeyzDelight Cakes Bakery.

The self-taught baker is a graduate of Animal Science, he recently concluded his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). On an exclusive with MyCookery Zone, he spoke about how the passion for baking started, and what the future holds for AbbeyzDelightCakes Bakery.

Can our readers meet you?
I am Oladejo Stephen Abiodun, the Chief Baker of AbbeyzDelightCakes Bakery. A graduate of Animal Science from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

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Tell our readers a little about your background and how you started making cakes?

I’m a Christian I come from a family of 6. I started making cakes in 2015 after downloading and watching tons of YouTube videos and gathering enough recipes and methods so apparently I started as a Self Taught Baker.

Kindly, share with us what your first baking experience was like?

My first Baking experience was during a semester break then in school. I decided to try out the recipes I’d stored and the cake really came out perfect.
Oladejo Stephen Abiodun
Schooling and Baking intermittently, how has the whole experience been like?
Schooling and Baking was hard sincerely, I had to do a lot to balance both coupled with the fact that I was involved in school fellowship activities too.

I started baking officially in 2015, I was in 200level. It was really challenging getting clients, exposure, buying tools, saving up to invest in the business, combining lectures with responding to clients but I managed to pull through because of my passion for what I do. The passion kept me going and then all thanks to God Almighty for strength too because it wasn’t easy.

Generally, how has business fared since the pandemic started?

To be honest business hasn’t been really in the best state since the pandemic started but then we have been trying different things to stay in business and to keep it going.
What makes you and your brand standout as compared to other pastry chefs?

The fact that we are able to think outside the box and understand perfectly what our customers and followers want. Coupled with the fact that, we are trying to get a form of connection with them by giving a long lasting memory with our products and not underestimating how influential human emotions can be to making our brand a success. This has helped us to stand out amongst others.
Tell us a little behind how you came about the name abbeyz delight?
AbbeyzDelightCakes was a name birthed by one of my amazing mentors and Uncle Mr Tunji Davies as I had issues choosing a name when I started baking cakes commercially. Its simply a combination of my name and what I do.
Give us a rundown of the services Abbeyz delight give?

Services we render include Creation of amazing cakes for all occasions which include Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, proposals, Babyshower, Suprises etc. We also train interested people on art of caking, We have brush off classes, Beginners class, intermediate classes both Online and Onsite.We help organise surprise packages for our clients too.
What time or phase will you consider the most remarkable?

The most remarkable time/ phase in my caking career was 2017 which was during my farm practical year in school.

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Why do you consider it the most remarkable?

A lot happened that single year, I had my first upgrade class, I trained many people, had a huge number of orders to baked cakes that includes wedding cakes. I made so much profit that really boosted my business but then, I believe Better days are coming.
Who are those that inspire you in the industry?

A lot of people inspire me in the Industry. The likes of Cakes by Tosan, Cakes e tall, Dewdrops cakes, Dripples cake, Twins royal cakes, Zikas place cakes, Cakes by dharneal, Sophies cake art, John baker and lots more. Every Hardworking Male and female Baker out there with amazing craft inspire me.
Where do you see Abbeyz delight in the next decade?

In a decade, I see AbbeyzDelightCakes becoming a household name. The name that comes to your mouth and heart anything you think of cakes nationally and internationally [Lol]

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How do you perceive the industry from where it is currently to, how it was years ago?
A lot of improvement has happened to the industry, new techniques erupt every now and then, better and more sophisticated tools and equipments are now in vogue. More intricate and amazing designs are arising. Things have indeed really gotten better than they were years ago.
For start-ups who look up to well established bakers like you, what will your advise be?

My Advice to start ups is to keep pushing, try so much to get better, be really passionate about what you want because this is what keeps us going during our down times in the business, go for upgrade classes, invest in tools and above all Trust God Almighty for Strength.
Thanks for your time!

Thank you.

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