MCZ Exclusive Interview with Chef Bien, group executive chef at 355 restaurant Lagos.

On our Exclusive Interview this week, MCZ Food Media, interviewed Chef Bien from Benin Republic. He is the group executive chef at 355 restaurant and lounge.

In the interview, he told MCZ what gives him joy, challenges of being the group executive chef of a branch and most importantly the changes covid had on restaurant business and how business has fared since the advent of covid-19. He spoke on this and many more.

Can we meet you?

My name is Bienvenu Singbo know as chef Bien
Can you tell our readers a little about yourself, background and how you made your debut in the kitchen to when you officially became a professional chef?
I am chef Bien and I am from Benin republic. I studied hotel management in my country and I had my HND in 2005. After graduating I came to Nigeria and started working from house to house as a cook and steward and from there I’ve been climbing the rank till now .
Chef Bienvenu Singbo
What made you take creating exquisite meals as a profession?
It because that is the only thing that gives me joy and beside it has been my dream and it my joy to see people happy while eating my food it really gives me joy
Generally, how has business fared since the pandemic started?
Since the pandemic, it hasn’t been the same the sales has dropped drastically and every food industry have been surving by his grace and we all hope it end soon so we can start out lives back
What makes you standout as compared to other chefs?
My creativity and being me and always competing against myself. I’m always willing to be a better version of myself
Chef Bienvenu Singbo
Currently you work as the group executive chef at 355 restaurant. What does it take to work as an executive chef and what challenges have you had to deal with?
Hmmm it not easy being an executive chef of a single branch talkless of a restaurant that has a branch in Abuja, Calabar, Enugu , 3 branches in Lagos and Ghana .
The challenges are you can’t be at all the places at the same time and there are some places that required you to be there than others and due to the pandemic you can’t so, it goes down to communicating on phone and sometimes I have to be doing Zoom meeting with my head chef specially those in Abuja, Calabar and Ghana.
As it concerns the covid era, what are the changes you had to adjust to being a chef?
Reduce the number of staff working with less chefs and and also mostly the staff shift is no longer the same we practically do one week on one week off unlike before that we do 8hrs
Do you feel the food sector will ever return back to normal after covid?
Hopefully yes but surely from 2021 this year is gone
Where do you see Chef Bien in the next five years?
Being one of the best chef in the world and by then I should be aspiring for my Michelin star by God grace.
Chef Bienvenu Singbo
Any future projects you’ll like food lovers to anticipate?
By God’s grace going back to school and aquire international certificate in culinary world
What will your advice be to food business owners out there?
It’s never easy going into food business especially when it comes to keeping the same staff for long but by keeping them, this can help your business get to the next level.

Check out some of his creations.

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