MCZ Exclusive Interview with Chef Giggles, founder Giggles Culinary Place.

Rukayat Momoh, (aka. Chef Giggles) founder of Giggles Culinary Place spoke with MyCookery Zone on an exclusive interview. In the interview, she spoke on her journey from being a Cheftestant on #KnorrTasteQuest reality show, How her gender as a (female) becomes a factor to consider by clients when she’s trying to simply offer value like every other chef. She spoke on her achievements so far, future projects and many more.

Thanks for joining us chef Giggles. Kindly introduce yourself, by telling our readers your full name, a little about your background, what you do and the company you represent?

Chef Giggles | Founder: Giggles Culinary Place


Momoh Rukayat. Edo girl, born and bred in Lagos, Navytown to be precise. I’m a Chef, representing Giggles Culinary Place.
No doubt you’re a professional chef, when did you make your debut in the kitchen?
That would be 2014, professionally.
Why the name ‘Giggles’?
I laugh like a child, i formally did it alot, so a friend gave me the name Giggles and it has stuck with me ever since.
You auditioned for Knorr Taste Quest (KTQ) more than once and you got picked severally. Briefly, tell us about the entire experience?
Yea… I auditioned twice and was picked once. It was fun, the challenge got more and more exciting everyweek, was just glad to be there till the last day.
After the KTQ experience how has the food journey been for you?
Life after KTQ has been awesome no doubt, because it’s been up hill ever since.
What are the challenges and achievements you’ve made so far since you finally became a chef?
Challenges… Errm, that will be not getting certain jobs as a chef because I’m Female, being underpaid and being judged based on my gender and not the value i have to offer.
Achievements… Doing the one thing i love the most which is teaching culinary and giving value. Also, Organising a succesful finedining event, Running my own food business, Meeting and working with living legends in the industry, Owning the fastest growing culinary school in Nigeria, “Futuristically” ; making a huge positive impact in the lives of food enthusiasts and the global culinary industry.
Chef Giggles | Founder: Giggles Culinary Place
How will you describe your style of cooking?
I’ll say Different… Innovative Food Fusion, that explores uncommon and common flavors.
Tell us about your culinary school?
We are located in the heart of Lagos.
We are very particular about ” teaching” and understanding. Because without proper teaching, most students will only replicate what was taught, when they are suppose to create from what they understand. Being a chef is beyond knowing how to replicate a recipe.
That’s why we say, ” We are teachers before anything else”…
Not all great chefs are teachers, some are just meant to be great on their own, and not teach.
If there’s anything we highly take pride in, it’s the way we teach.
Chef Giggles | Founder: Giggles Culinary Place
What’s your view about the food / hospitality industry in Nigeria?
It’s growing rapidly, unlike when i started. Now everyone wants to get in on the food train, from the local to professional sectors and that’s great!
Where do you see the food / hospitality industry in the nearest future?
I see us being a huge part of culinary history… In years from now when people go to study food any and everywhere in the world, Nigerian Cuisine will be represented greatly just like French and Italian Cuisines are.
Who are the chefs or food enthusiast that inspire you?
Aah! the list is endless, lol… but i’ll start with the late Michelle Roux, Jeremy Chan, Snickety Lemoine, Michael Elegbede, Tiyan Alile, Gbubemi Fregene, Gordon Ramsey… ( if i continue like this, interview will not end o, let us stop here 😂).
What project are you working on and that food lovers should anticipate?
My next fine-dining event, book and monthly Pop-up…
Chef Giggles | Founder: Giggles Culinary Place
Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?
Opening more branches and have one of the most recognized culinary schools in the world.
What will Chef Giggles advice be to aspiring chefs?

Never give into the ever growing societal pressure of negativity and excuses. If you love It, fight for it, work for it, pray for it, never give up on it… cos your dreams are valid too and no one can make it work but You.

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