Juliet emerges winner of the #HoneywellCook Off Show season 1 — (Episode 4 “Grand Finale” Highlights)

The Grand Finale of the Honeywell Cook Off Show held over the weekend in the Honeywell kitchen studios where the four contestants (Elizabeth, Chika, Nelson and Juliet) went on loggerheads, unleashed creativity and brushed up their cooking skills for the bait to emerge winner of the first season of the Honeywell Cook Off show.

As contestants would have it and cause it was the finale they had most of the rules bent but had limited time of 40minutes to create a dish using the Honeywell flour.

#HoneywellCookOff Contestants: L-R ( Nelson, Elizabeth, Chika and Juliet)

The contestants had unlimited access to the pantry and also the opportunity to get creative. Chika unleashed creativity with her dish she infused with fish, garlic and also did bake

Nelson made a Custard which was layered with fruits

Juliet made a crepe and chocolate sauce

and Elizabeth made panckes with syrup and fruits.

Contestants made use of ingredients like: egg, fruits (apple, strawberry, banana, grapefruit), garlic, sugar, chocolate, fish, oil we’re used by the contestants to create a scrumptious meals.

Chika’s dish
Elizabeth’s dish
Nelson’s (Chef Classic) dish
Juliet’s dish

After they had battled it all out in the kitchen and also impressed the judges ( Chef Rotimi Alabi, Chef Oreoluwa Onanuga and Chef Christine Obute Otigba) with their creations.

HoneywellCookOff Season 1 Judges : L-R ( Chef Oreoluwa Onanuga, Chef Christine Obute Otigba and Chef Rotimi Alabi )

The winner’s were announced;

Elizabeth emerged third runner-up with a total score of she was gifted N50,000 and three months supply of Honeywell products


Chika emerged second runner-up with a total score of 49.5 she was gifted N100,000 and six months supply of Honeywell products.


Nelson emerged first runner-up with a total score of 53.5 he was gifted with N150,000 and eight months supply of Honeywell products.

Nelson (Chef Classic)

Juliet emerged the winner of the first season of Honeywell Cook Off with a total score of 54.5 she was gifted N250,000 and a year supply of Honeywell products.


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