#Ramadan | Maggi Nigeria dishes out mouthwatering recipes on the popular TV show Maggi Diaries.

Ramadan is celebrated across the world by the Muslim faithful it’s a season to love, celebrate and share. Maggi Nigeria took foodlovers on a journey on her popular TV cooking show Maggi Diaries where meals are cooked and in the process, tested and tried recipes are shared. The host, Chef Jamila O. Lawal (Host of Maggi Diaries) took us far north to showcase their food culture, traditions and what have you. Not forgetting that incredible food tips were also shared to have an wholesome Ramadan experience.

Jamila Lawal

During Ramadan fast, meals are only taken during Suhoor and Iftar and to this effect meal ideas were shared throughout the session on Maggi Diaries to help foodies eat healthy during Ramadan fast and even after. Since the show is about the general populace Maggi Nigeria did impact lives by sharing happiness by reaching out to the needy and less privileged.

See some of the sumptuous meals shared on Maggi Diaries from Day 1 to Day 30.

Day 1 – Semolina Fried Bread with Cowleg Pepper Soup.

Day 2 – Beef Stir Fry Garau Garau.

Day 3 – Gus Gus

Day 4 – One Pot Sweet Potato

Day 5 – Cous Cous Salad with Chicken Kebab

Day 6 – Suya Fried Rice

Day 7 – Paten Tsaki with Meatballs

Day 8 – Tuwo Shinkafa

Day 9 – Avocado Sandwich

Day 10 – Awara Wrap

Day 11 – Minced Meat Akara

Day 12 – Macaroni with a Twist

Day 13 – Shepherd’s Pie

Day 14 – Paten Wake

Day 15 – Waina Kebab

Day 16 – Cheesy Yam Balls

Day 17 – Sinasir with Chicken Strips and Veggies

Day 18 – Signature Yam Pottage

Day 19 – Spicy Tahlia with Chicken

Day 20 – Signature Dafaduka

Day 21 – Grilled Potatoes

Day 22 – Dambu Shinkafa

Day 23 – Yamarita

Day 24 – Signature Jollof

Day 25 – Kwaden Cabbage

Day 26 – Women’s event (Jos)

Day 27 – Miyan Kuka

Day 28 –
Day 29 – Recap
Day 30 –

Visit Maggi Nigeria on YouTube and at Maggi Nigeria on IGTV to see how to make these meals.


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