#HoneywellCookOff Show Season 1 — (Episode 2 “Pasta Masta” Highlights)

The creative cooks of the Honeywell Cook Off show battled this week to be crowned with the title “Pasta Masta” as a result of this they were up to the challenge of making scrumptious pasta dishes this week in the Honeywell kitchen.

To make the pasta, contestants made use of the variants (Spaghetti and Macaroni) they were given 45minutes and were judged based on “presentation, technique, hygiene and most importantly the taste of their meals”

The judges were impressed with virtually all the dishes where Juliet infused her dish with some Cheese and Basil, Chika who effectively made use of brown butter in her cooking, Nelson who made use of chicken which he marinated and pan seared also Elizabeth who made an “artistic” dish by taking us to Italy but the judges felt she did too much and as a result made her perform below expectation.

They as well worked with ingredients like: garlic, onion, black pepper, parsley, prawns, cherry tomatoes amongst other ingredients.

During this episode the host, Tobi Bakre disclosed the criteria for picking the winner of the Honeywell Cook Off Show. He said, “Now every meal you make we’re gonna, be given scores based on the meal and at the end of the day the person with the highest score in total will be our winner”. After the scoring for this episode by the judges:
Chika got 17.5, Juliet 22.5, Elizabeth 13 and Nelson 19.5 which made Juliet with the total points of 22.5 the “Pasta Masta” for this stage of the competition.

The Honeywell Cook Off show is getting heated up and contestants are showing off their bragging rights as regards making scrumptious meals. They have just two more episodes to battle in the Honeywell kitchen and after one will be crowned the winner for the season. Recall that the contestants will be battling for the grand prize of “N500,000 and a year supply of Honeywell products”.

(Image credits: Honeywell Foods)


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