MCZ Exclusive Interview with Lolade Grace Oyeleke, founder of Aunty Lolade’s kitchen and Spice.

The lady behind the kitchen with the extra touch who also speaks food diversity so fluently joins MyCookery Zone this week for an Exclusive interview. “Aunty Lolade” as she’s fondly called in the interview talks about her background, journey so far in the industry also the future for the brand “Aunty Lolade’s Kitchen and Spice”.

Can MCZ and foodies around the world meet you?
Hi MCZ,My Name Is Oyeleke Ololade Grace.

How was growing up like, for you?

Growing up with my father was so much fun! I grew up to eat a lot of fresh and homemade food which makes life wonderful and gives healthy living!

My late father has a garden where he planted practically everything edible from vegetables to peppers to fruits!
So growing up i always have good and healthy meals.

What prompted your passion for food and spice making?

From the kind of home i was raised from,we always prepare our own meals,its cheaper and safer to eat because you control everything in the meal. So passion for cooking started since childhood for me.

For how long have you been cooking?
i have been cooking since i was 6 years old,as at then not much but enough for my age.

Did you attend any culinary school or it’s just a skill you developed overtime?
Pure Passion,Creativity and self development is all you see,though i went for a spice training in ghana,i would still love to go to a culinary school and Reddish chronicles on my mind.

How will you describe your style of cooking?
My style of cooking is the Mom’s Style,it is healthy,homemade and takes you back memory lane.

For how long have you been planning on starting Aunty Lolade’s Kitchen?
It took me a while to get the fact that passion can be paycheck too,so when i found that out,i started giving out to the world,Aunty lolade’s Kitchen brand was established 2017.

Ololade Grace Oyeleke (CEO— Aunty Lolade’s Kitchen)

Have you ever thought we’ve lost our food culture as a people?
Arguably Africans especially Nigerians have the dopest food culture,we are just too rigid to explore…….thats why we are loosing it and rice became our only food now.

As a food enthusiast what is your favorite food?
i try new things everytime,so i would lie if i say i have a favourite meal……but then i think Eba made from gaari yellow and seafood okro,All time favourite .

Generally speaking, what’s your take on the culinary industry in Nigeria and Africa at large?

The culinary Industry is what is adding colours to our eating lifestyle right now,because i cannot imagine not finding out what chefs,cooks and caterers gives us,the inspirations for making our own meal and food services,we would be stuck with boring meals you know. So the industry is blown!!!

Who inspires you in the culinary industry? {Male & Female}.

I am inspired by a lot of people in the food industry ,if i have to metion namea,it will fill up my whole interview….lol

Hardworking,creatives chefs,cooks and caterers i am inspired by all.

What’s the time frame before you finally lauch your restaurant?
it is closer than we all know, possibly before our second year Anniversary.

Asides food and spices making what other food related things have you ventured into?
Apart from kitchen and sauce,well now i have a fresh juice collections named Fresh by aunty lolade amd before the end of the year,i have 2 to 3 projects in the pipeline .

What’s the future for the brand “Aunty Lolade’s Kitchen”?

The Future is to illuminate the world with our homemade food.Aunty Lolades kitchen is all about fusion,we strive to bring together cuisine from around the world under one roof, Provide something different to excite your tastbuds and at the same time something familiar so It feel just like moms!
Think home-made!Think Aunty Lolades Kitchen!

Thanks for your time

Thank you the whole team of MCZ for the honour of this interview ,i am humbled.

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