GTBank Food Drink Festival 2019 — Highlights Day 4

It was a full house at the grand finale of the GTBank Food And Drink Festival if asked why? The reason can’t be far fetched it was May 1st a day set aside to celebrate every worker and it’s being celebrated across the world. The 4-day packed food event (GTBank Food And Drink) was all-encompassing it featured key players in the culinary industry and there was a huge display of passion, zeal from the facilitators. Speaking of the food culture displayed by the audience it was top notch.

Series of activities took place at the GTBank Centre of course there was back to back Masterclasses in total five, farmers market was loaded, food and drink vendors had their day as well at the Centre.

Amazing audience and kids had their arena yes they weren’t left out of the fun they engaged themselves in various games.

Charm City Cakes founder, Duff Goldman and Geof Manthorne kickedoff the days Masterclass with the topic : “Acing your cakes”.

The masterclass was a display of creativity he made the famous “talking drum” (Gangan) Which was inspired by the legend Fela and gave amazing baking tips to attendees and also free cupcakes.

The Sandwich King and co-host of “The Kitchen” Jeff Mauro masterclass was next he discussed “Making the ultimate sandwich”. Jeff Mauro made the ultimate and most delicious chicken sandwich during his masterclass.

He was at the Centre with his wife, Jeff had an awesome moment the entire auditorium was filled with energy and also he serenaded the dish he made.

Food stylist and photographer, Melina Hammer was next her masterclass was very insightful as she gave tips on how to style food and take quality food pictures.

The Food stylist and photography expert, Melina Hammer taught new and innovative ways to fall in love with food through photography.

Her masterclass was creativity at it’s peak it will interest you to know that the demo she made during her masterclass was made using local garri.

Culinary expert and restaurateur, chef Raphael Duntoye‘s masterclass was next he amused everyone cause he made 9 dishes in just a limited time frame. The GTBank Food And Drink Veteran taught about the art of simplicity in the kitchen.

He responded to series of questions from the audience and as well inspired many with his story.

The unconventional chef, Tregaye Fraser truly was unconventional during her masterclass she displayed a high level of enthusiasm during her session.

In an hour she made a 3 course meal and also shared cooking tips with the audience.

Attendees were taken on a journey to Thailand and chef Thitid Tassanakajohn as of course he led the journey to Thailand as he treated the topic “Reinventing Traditional Recipes”

What’s GTBank Food And Drink Festival if there isn’t food, drink exhibition from food vendors? Check out some of the delicacies from the event !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Checkout some of the personalities who graced the event.

Leo DaSilva

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(Image credits: GTBank & MCZ Food Media)


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