GTBank Food Drink Festival 2019 — Highlights Day 1

It was a kickoff of the annual GTBank Food and Drink Festival an event that aims at promoting enterprise! There were five Masterclasses today and it was a foodie adventure from Storytelling and Burger, Sushi to Chocolates and then Drinks. To know how intense the trip was,

we started from London to Seattle in state of Washington, USA then we ended the journey in Australia.

It started with food blogger, CNN travels storyteller and writer at We The Food Snobs, (Chris Fynes) and UK’s street food chef and CEO, Burger Bear Tom (Tom Reaney) masterclass they took to the stage at 2:30pm to kickoff the very first Master class for this year’s GTBank Food and Drink

During their Master class Chris Fynes attested to the fact that the famous “Yaji spice” (also known as suya spice used in the popular suya) had been introduced to them by Chef Stone and they plan on taking “some along to London”.

Their demonstration session ended but not with attendees having a taste of Tom Reaney’s delicious burger.

The Sushi Maestro Shota Nakajima took over the stage for a quite engaging Master class as he selected some of the attendees for a taste test.

After sushi maestro Shota finished his demonstration Michelin Star Chef Phil Howard began his demonstration where he give insights on Building and Maintaining a World Class Restaurant.

It was time for some sweets as chocolate connoisseur Paul Wayne Gregory took to the stage for his Master class which is titled “The Confection of a Chocolate Connoisseur.” during his Masterclass he appreciated Reddish Chronicles Chef Instructor, Nelson Michael (aka. Chef Cupid) who helped him and gave him the concept he used for his Master class.

The final master class for day one was that of Mixologist and Bar operator, Luke Whearty where he held a discussion on “What Grows Together Goes Togther… A lesson from Mother Nature.”

It won’t be too early to start counting, we are 5 down and have 10 more to go Masterclasses!

If there wasn’t food, drink and exhibitions from food vendors then what is the GTBank Food and Drink all about? Feed your eyes!

Food vendors :

Check out some of the personalities who attended today’s event.

L—R: Steve Armani, Farida Augie, Chef Isie and Chef Classic (Reddish Chronicles Students)

L—R: Chef Phil Howard and Chef Eros
Chef Stone

L—R: Chef Uzo Orimalade and Chef Alex Oke
Chef Alex Oke

Chef Eros

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(Image credits: GTBank / MCZ Food Media)


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