#KnowingMoreAboutFruits 3rd Series | Raspberry

English Name: Raspberry
Botanical Name: Rubus idaues

DESCRIPTION: A member of the berry family with an edible red colour. It’s juicy and grows majorly on bushes.

ORIGIN: The raspberries are believed to have originated mainly in Eastern Asia. The red raspberry may have been brought to North America by prehistoric people who crossed the Bering straight although the wild black raspberry is believed to be native to the West. Within the raspberry family there are two major types, the red raspberry and the black raspberry. There is also a purple raspberry a cross between the red and black raspberry and also a yellow raspberry that is a genetic mutation that occurs in the red raspberries. There are over 200 different varieties of raspberries.

The delectable fruit has been a part of the human diet ever since, though the canes were not cultivated until the 4th century A.D, as documented by Palladius. The raspberries is associated with fertility in Greek mythology. In the Greek stories, the berries were said to once be white but when Zeus’ nursemaid, Ida, pricked her finger on a thorn it stained the berries red and they remained so ever since. The name Rubus idaeus means “bramble bush of Ida” named both for the nursemaid and the mountain where they grew on the island of Crete.

In the 13th century English king, Edward I, is credited for encouraging the cultivation of raspberries throughout England. European settlers brought raspberries canes with them to America. George Washington also cultivated raspberries at Mount Vernon and by the time of the civil war at least 40 varieties were known raspberries is also an important crop in Oregon, California also in the Midwest. It can grow far north as the Arctic circle and also in the tropics.

NATURAL BENEFITS: Raspberries have for long been used for medicinal preparations for illnesses like: help to soothe the digestive system, menstrual cramps.

Raspberries are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids and fiber. Raspberries are associated with a reducing risk of many adverse health conditions like obesity, heart disease etc.

USES: Raspberry can be used for fruit juice, medicines, jam, jellies, pies, cheesecakes and sauces etc.
Recipes of Raspberry include:
• Raspberry Bars
• Raspberry Cake
• Raspberry Cheesecake
• Raspberry jam
• Raspberry pies


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