Photos: Reni Folawiyo (Nok by Alara) , Iquo Ukoh (1q Food platter) , Bukkie Akinmade (The Kitchen Muse) amongst others speak at Africa NXT Eat.Africa Event.

Africa NXT Eat.Africa event curated by Pop Up Africa was one of the food event that held in the multi format event platform, Social Media Week Lagos.

Africa NXT held on the Day 2 of SMW it was quite elighthening and inspiring as it featured key players in the gastronomy industry in various segments of the program.

The workshop featured ; Reni Folawiyo @nokbyalara, Bukkie Akingbade @thekitchenmuse, @akinsb007, Iquo Ukoh @1qfoodplatter, @jbums, @minjibacookey, @eat.drink.lagos and @unravellingnigeria .

They all shared tips on how to create quality food contents also they shared motivational words to upcoming foodprenueurs.

Speaking at the event; Mrs Reni Folawiyo founder of @nokbyalara -👉 ‘I fear nothing & work to perfection’ ~

👉 @akinsb007 — ‘We need to stop demonising our indigenous food, quinoa is popular but we have Acha which is more powerful’

👉 @thekitchenmuse on the other hand, spoke on how to create food content on YouTube, She said ” There are three sections after the set up which include ( Intro, Main content and Outro ) she as well shared an amazing tip(“I usually do my intro and outro at the same time” before moving on with the main content).

In conclusion, having these personalities all in one room under one roof was all encompassing and of great importance as food related issues were discussed.



📸: Pop Up Africa


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