#YCO2019 | Comprehensive report on the International Young Chefs Olympiad 2019

International Young Chef Olympiad a creative competition founded by International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) proudly supported by the ministry of tourism India. It was the 5th edition and it was highly engaging it’s one of the most phenomenal event chefs around the world should partake in;

is it the diversity and display of culture and the uniqueness which everyone brought to the table. Truly justifies the saying that food unites which can’t be overemphasized we can not but thank IIHM culinary school for this opportunity given to chefs to showcase what they’ve got. 50 countries were confirmed to MCZ Food Media to be attending the Olympiad.

Cheftestants and their chef mentors started arriving on the 24th of January, 2019. With Team Namibia emerge first to arrive India for the competition and other teams followed suit. January 28th, 2019 was the day slated for the opening ceremony it held in Dr. Sarvapalli Auditorium in New Delhi. (READ)

The competition began proper on January 29th, 2019 with group A, B and C in IIHM New Delhi with countries like: Team A; India, Bahrain, Canada, England, Iran, Malta, North Ireland, Russia. Team B; Malaysia, Nigeria, Spain, Myanmar, UAE, South Korea, Armenian. Group C; Hongkong, Scotland, Mauritius, Cambodia, Botswana, Switzerland and Oman.

They competed for two days round 1 of their cook-off held on 29th Jan. and the round 2 held on 30th Jan. 2019

Group D & E; Team Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Hungary, Fiji, USA, Phillipines, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Singapore, Guatemala, Romania, Costa Rica, South Africa, Wales, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Namibia Cheftestants kicked off their cook-off on 30th January, 2019 at #IIHMPune

The cook off ended with Group F; Team Ireland, Nepal, France, Uganda, Italy, Turkey, Seychelles, Jordan, Bhutan and Ghana at #IIHMBangalore where their Cook-off held 30th January, 2019.

On 2nd February, 2019 the Top 10 teams who will be competing at the finals were announced (READ) the top 10 competed and the grand announcement and closing ceremony held on Kolkata India where Team France, Romania and England emerged first, second and third respectively. (READ)

We cannot but thank IIHM for the opportunity given to chefs. We as well congratulate all the cheftestants and their chef mentors who participated in the competition.


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