#YCO2019 | Meet the judges and adjudicators for the International Young Chef Olympiad 2019.

The day slated for the world’s biggest culinary competition is fast approaching and this year’s edition isn’t going to be an exception of greatness most especially in the culinary industry.

Several judges and adjudicators who are of course renowned in the hospitality industry have been uncovered by Young Chefs Olympiad. These personalities will be a part of the competition as they will judiciously examine the performances of each participant.

Dr Suborno Bose , the Chairman of the YCO 2019 Committee.

Meet the Judges and Adjudicators for International Young Chef Olympiad 2019.

Prof David Foskett , chairman of the International Hospitality Council (IHC) and author of internationally acclaimed text books, will oversee the judging process at YCO 2019 as Chairman of the Jury.

Dr Zenobia Nadirshaw, MBE, trustee of the International Hospitality Council (IHC), will judiciously examine the performances at YCO 2019 as an adjudicator.

Chef Gary Hunter , Deputy Principal of Westminster Kingsway College , will arbitrate through every level of the competition of YCO 2019 as an adjudicator.

Prof Ron Scott , member of the YCO organising committee, has a keen eye for details and will judge fairly as Chief Adjudicator at YCO2019

Chef Scott Baechler, instructor at the The Canadian Food and Wine Institute , is an experienced and fair judge and will be judging

Chef Andy Varma , iconic chef in the British Asian food industry, will strictly examine the competitors as Judge of YCO2019

Chef Enzo Oliveri , popularly called the Sicilian Chef, will be both unbiased and meticulous when it comes to being Senior Judge at YCO2019

Chef Stefan Hogan , Executive Chef of the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa , Malta, will look out for that perfectly crafted dish as Judge of the YCO2019

Renowned Michelin-starred Chef John Wood, the Chief Judge of the YCO2019 , who is a perfectionist and will expect the best effort from every participant.

Chef Enrico Bricarello , a member of the Italian Association of F&B Press of Milan, is stickler for quality and hygiene and will be the Senior Judge to watch out for at YCO2019

Chef Stuart LittleJohn, the Executive Chef of the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Club , has years of rich experience and will be Senior Judge of YCO2019

Chef Andrew Bennett , MBE, the present Chairman of The Craft Guild of Chefs, will look out for perfection at YCO2019 as Senior Judge of the competition

Padma Shri Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Indian celebrity chef, will be a great inspirer, motivator as well as a strict examiner as Principal Judge and Mentor of YCO2019

Chef Ranveer Brar , renowned chef and BrandAmbassador of IIHM, International Institute of Hotel Management, will be fun both to be with and a storehouse of ideas for participants at YCO2019

The Co-founder, director and chef of Avant Garde Hospitality Ltd, Chef Abhijit Saha has years of varied experiences in the culinary world that will make him a fair judge at YCO2019

Chef Avijit Ghosh , the corporate pastry chef of The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts will look out for minute details as judge at YCO2019

Chef Parvinder Singh Bali , corporate chef of Oberoi Center for Learning and Development, will be all out for technical details as Judge of YCO2019

Indian food guru, Chef Karen Anand, will be one of the renowned judges to look out for at YCO2019

Kulsum Hussin, the director of Welcome Skills International School of Hospitality , will be present to as adjudicator of YCO2019

International Young Chef Olympiad 2019 is to begin 28th of January to 2nd February, 2019.

To see the cheftestants participating in the fifth edition of Young Chefs Olympiad click HERE

(Credits : ycolympiad / Young Chef Olympiad)


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