#KnowingMoreAboutFruits 3rd Series| Jack Fruit

English Name: Jack Fruit
Botanical Name: Artocarpus integrifolia

DESCRIPTION: A big fruit related to the bread fruit grows to about 80lbs in weight and tastes very unique tropical / milky juiced fruit.

ORIGIN: No one knows the origin of the Jack fruit but it is believed to be indigenous to the rainforests of the Western Indian and Bangladesh. As for the name “Jack fruit”, it most likely emerged from what the Portuguese called it “Jaca”, which was probably a version of a name used in Southern India, “Chakka. pazham”. Jack fruit has other names too: Kathal in Bangladesh, Kanun in Thailand and Nangka in Malaysia.

The tree of the Jack fruit belongs to the mulberry family like the bread fruit and it’s got an impressive lineage. Around 300B.C, the Greek philosopher Theophrastus wrote : ” There is also another tree which is very large and has wonderfully sweet and large fruit, it is used for food by the sages of India who wear no clothes “. Probably he was talking about the Jack fruit. India is thought to be its place of origin. Just because of curious fruit lover’s like MyCookery Zone.

The Jack fruit can be found in the US. Zerega has bought relative peewees (12pounders at about & 2 a pound) at Asian markets in Chicago. Jack fruit is also found in Florida, where the Jack fruit is grown on a limited scale and also imported from Jamaica.

NATURAL BENEFITS: Jack fruit is also high in protein, potassium and vitamin B and with about 95calories in about a half a cup, they aren’t quite as high-carb or caloric as staples like rice or corn.

USES: Jack fruit can be dried, roasted, added to soups, used in chips, jams, juices, ice cream.
The seeds can as well be boiled, roasted or grinded into flour.
The tree of the Jack fruit is also used for furniture and musical instruments.


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