#LatAm50Best | Full list of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018!

The gastronomy Industry was celebrated last night as the top 50 best restaurants in Latin America were unveiled. It was a medium of celebrating passion, consistency and hardwork.

The event this year was sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Aqua Panna.

See the full list of Latin America’s top 50 best restaurants:

No.50 Tuju in São Paulo, Brazil
No.49 Oro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
No.48 Amaz in Lima, Peru
No.47 Osaka in Santiago, Chile
No.46 Narda Comedor in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.45 Mocotó in São Paulo, Brazil
No.44 Proper in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.43 Restaurante 040 in Santiago, Chile
No.42 Aramburu in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.41 Rosetta in Mexico City, Mexico
No.40 La Docena in Guadalajara, Mexico
No.39 Malabar in Lima, Peru
No.38 Gran Dabbang in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.37 Nicos in Mexico City, Mexico
No.36 El Baqueano in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.35 Corazón de Tierra in Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico
No.34 Le Chique in Cancun, Mexico
No.33 Oteque in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
No.32 Elena in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.31 Alcalde in Guadalajara, Mexico
No.30 Pangea in Monterrey, Mexico
No.29 Maito in Panama City, Panama
No.28 99 in Santiago, Chile
No.27 Olympe in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
No.26 Lasai in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
No.25 Osso in Lima, Peru
No.24 Ambrosia in Santiago, Chile
No.23 Harry Sasson in Bogotá, Colombia
No.22 Parador La Huella in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
No.21 El Chato in Bogotá, Colombia
No.20 Máximo Bistrot in Mexico City, Mexico
No.19 Chila in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.18 Mishiguene in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.17 La Mar in Lima, Peru
No.16 Rafael in Lima, Peru
No.15 Villanos en Bermudas in Bogotá, Colombia
No.14 Sud 777 in Mexico City, Mexico
No.13 Isolina in Lima, Peru
No.12 Maní in São Paulo, Brazil
No.11 Tegui in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.10 Leo in Bogotá, Colombia
No.9 Quintonil in Mexico City, Mexico
No.8 Astrid y Gastón in Lima, Peru
No.7 A Casa Do Porco in São Paulo, Brazil
No.6 Don Julio in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.5 D.O.M. in São Paulo, Brazil
No.4 Boragó in Santiago, Chile
No.3 Pujol in Mexico City, Mexico
No.2 Central in Lima, Peru
No.1 Maido in Lima, Peru

Congratulations to all the Top 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America !


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