MCZ Exclusive Interview with winner of #KnorrTasteQuest5 Gbolabo Adebakin.

It only takes one step to attain greatness and to reach ones peak lots of struggle and determination comes in to play. The interview with the winner of Knorr Taste Quest season 5, Gbolabo Adebakin aka. Gibbs, was elaborate as he critically gave details on every question highlighted. He spoke on how he started cooking, what led to him audition for Knorr Taste Quest 5, and what his fans should expect in the coming years.

Gbolabo Adebakin (Winner KTQ5)

Can we meet you?

Hi, I’m Gbolabo Gibbs.
Briefly tell us a little about your background?

I’m the second born of 3 siblings, an old boy of Kings College and a graduate of Zoology, University of Lagos. I’m also an alumnus of WAVE Academy.

When did you make your debut in the kitchen?

Well I don’t know if i’ll call it a kitchen debut but i officially started cooking during my secondary school years as a Food and Nutrition student.
Did you attend any culinary school?
No, I didn’t attend any Culinary school prior to the Knorr Taste Quest Show but I am currently enrolled at the Umami Center for Culinary arts, Lagos.

How did food making become a passion?

Food making became a passion as far back as when I was 6 years old. My Grand Father , Samuel Olatunji Adebakin was a very hospitable man and he started a tradition in our estate where we fed the entire street every holiday season. i was always with my mom cutting liver for fried rice. the smoke , joy laughter, and bonding over food made me happy and i guess the passion came alive .

Do you do other things apart from cooking?

yes , i am very active in ministry and i am a performing artiste. i have these gifts and i have trained myself to express them professionally.

Have you always wanted to be in the Knorr taste quest kitchen?

Yes. i came across the show in the first year but i was not eligible to attend i didnt really push it.

Since when have you been auditioning for Knorr taste quest?

i only applied the first year but something amazing happened this year. i accompanied a friend of mine,Tobi to Ekiti to help her with a party and she just hinted me that season 5 auditions was about to start and that i should try. that same week the ad came up on my timeline on instagram and the rest is history .

Tell us, how was the experience like and did you foresee any of the challenges faced?
the experience was nerve racking, but it was a great one. i got to do things i had never done before, taste and worked with items that i only hear about. it also pushed me to do a lot of research.
Which of the task issued to you in the Knorr taste quest kitchen will you consider most challenging?
hmmmm, i think the task where we had to work with edible worms. i still think about that day and it gives me shivers.

How will you describe the judges?

the Judges were amazing and well informed. they pushed us and brought out the best in us. nothing in life comes easy, so i wasn’t expecting them to go easy on us.
What’s your perception of other contestants who participated in the competition?
everyone of us did well. it wasn’t easy . i remember when we will be in the waiting room and everyone will be on their phones and notes, trying to gather every bit of knowledge for the rounds. great times.
What will you consider the most disastrous kitchen incident you’ve ever had?

lol. yea, i remember when i tried to make a pasta sauce and i poured a whole can of tin tomato into the pot.

If you weren’t the winner, who do you think would have emerged winner?
well , i think Busuyi
When you finally got to the finals, how did you feel?

i was grateful and happy. it wasnt easy , every round felt like the end, so getting to the finals was a great feeling.

Have you ever thought of quitting cooking?
oh yes, but the thought didn’t last long. it was a time after university when i had to cook for my fellowship dinner and it was a disaster and my team and i slept on the road because our bus ran out of petrol along the way and we got mugged. i said maybe i wasnt cut out for this afterall.
In the gastronomy Industry who are your role models?

Gordon Ramsey, bobby flay, jamie oliver, chef fregz, Chef Renee, chef Daniel Olurin

Do you have plans of establishing your own restaurant?
Oh absolutely, but that’s a long term goal.
So being the winner, what should your fans expect from you atleast in the nearest future?

they can expect the best from me. my team and I are on the drawing board putting things together to make sure that we give back to Nigeria and show that their votes and support wasn’t a waste.


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