Contestants unleash sensational culinary skills as they battle for flavours alongside close relatives at #KTQ5 semifinals.

Contestants brought their A game’s to creating flavorful meals this week as the Knorr Taste Quest #Battleofflavours gets hotter, the competition gets tougher, contestants getting different spanners and also making use of iron rich ingredients in creating meals.

For the starter they were only allowed to cook using only the microwave. Inside the microwave, ingredients used for making moimoi (beans pudding) was placed inside and they were expected to make the best moimoi with the aid of only the microwave.

This week episode which is also the semifinals took another turn as contestants close friends, family and spouses were invited to the kitchen.

These close relatives were asked to taste the foods cooked by the contestants, to award marks and also stay at a station they feel belongs to the contestant of their choice. The dartboard was also introduced to the game as contestants had spanners like asking a family member to help, making use of ovens, using leafy greens etc.

The main course ingredients were: Yam, Steak and Balsamic vinegar while for dessert (Scent leaf, Passion fruit and cocoa powder) were the compulsory ingredients provided the contestants.

After three intensive rounds of cooking, Dasola emerged the topnotch for performing excellently, Daphne and Folashade also followed suit. Gbolabo and Busuyi fell in the second place.

Dasola, Busuyi, Francis, Folashade, Daphne and Gbolabo

But sadly, Francis was evicted from the Knorr Taste Quest kitchen.

In conclusion, the intensity wouldn’t be lowered as the performance of these finalists (Dasola, Busuyi, Folashade, Daphne and Gbolabo) at the grand finale will determine the winner of the Knorr Taste Quest season 5.

Dasola, Busuyi, Folashade, Daphne and Gbolabo

(📷 Image credits: Knorr Nigeria )


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